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Experts Share How to Get Creases Out of Any Type of Shoe: Fast and Easy Fixes

Plus, the surprising way a pool noodle can help get the creases out of your favorite footwear options 

Whether it’s an expensive pair of leather boots, fancy heels or your favorite sneakers, one thing rings true: nothing can ruin their look faster than ugly creases. Here, find out the fast and easy expert ways to get those wrinkles gone for good!

How are shoe creases caused?

Generally speaking, most creases in shoes are simply a natural consequence of wearing them. “As we walk, our feet bend and flex, causing the shoe material to compress and stretch,” explains fashion designer Mia Anderson, owner of ChicSew. “That repetitive motion is what eventually leads to creases.”

Other factors can also play a role, says Anderson, including:

  • Improper fit: Shoes that are too tight or too loose can crease more easily. A snug fit ensures that the shoe moves in harmony with your foot with less folding.
  • Lack of support: Shoes without proper structural support or cushioning may crease more as they cannot maintain their shape against the pressure of walking.
  • Storage issues: See the next section for more on how to properly store shoes to prevent creasing.

How to prevent creases in shoes: storage tips and tricks

While foot movement is the main cause of creasing, improper storage is another big factor, says Peter Martinez, co-founder and fashion director at Leather Skin Shop. “This is particularly true for boots that come up mid-calf or higher, as they have a tendency to flop over if not properly stored, causing a large crease where the shoe folds.”

To prevent this, stuff your shoes with newspaper or use shoe trees when you’re not wearing them. “I recommend investing in cedar shoe trees for leather shoes, as they absorb moisture and prevent odor too,” adds Martinez. Two to try: Cedar Elements Shoe Tree, or Clark’s Natural Woman’s Shoe Tree.

For a less expensive option, you can also use pool noodles! See how they work here:

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How to get creases out of shoes

Luckily if your shoes have already developed creases, there are several methods to reduce them, says Anderson.

How to get creases out of shoes made from leather

Using a damp cloth, gently rub over the creased area. Then, with a hairdryer on low heat, warm the area while smoothing out the creases with your hands. Always use a shoe tree or stuff the shoe with newspaper during this process to maintain shape. “Regularly conditioning leather can also help minimize creases and keep the material supple,” adds Anderson.” Some products to try: Whites Pearl Premium Leather Conditioner or Otter Wax Leather Salve.

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How to get creases out of shoes made from synthetic materials

Place a damp cloth over the crease and use an iron on low heat to gently press out the fold. “Be cautious with heat as it can damage some materials,” warns Anderson. “It’s best to start low and slowly increase until you get the desired effect.”

How to get creases out of shoes made from suede and nubuck

Hold the shoe over steam for a few seconds and then gently push and pull on the material with your hands until the creases disappear. If you have a clothing steamer, that can work, or you can use the steam from your iron or leave the shoes in your bathroom while you take a hot shower. Use a suede brush afterward to restore the nap.

For proper brushing techniques, check out the video here:

How to get creases out of shoes that are made out of textile and canvas

Stuff the shoe tightly with newspaper or towels and use steam again to relax the creases out. Allow them to dry fully before wearing.

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