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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet in 20-Seconds

Just thinking about how to fold a fitted sheet can be enough to frustrate anyone who’s struggled with the fabric and stretchy elastic lining. A ton of hacks out there claim to make it easy, but those sometimes seem more like the person sharing it is just showing off some sort of innate laundry superpower. Thankfully, a new trick making the rounds actually looks doable — and it only takes a 20 seconds.

The tip was shared by an Australian Instagram user who goes by the name Mama Mila. In the quick clip, she shows how you simply tuck your hands into the corners of one side of the sheet, scoop those into the other side’s corners to create a rectangle, and simply fold the rest into a neat square.

Take a look at the video below to see how the magic works:

Your pile of balled up fitted sheets doesn’t feel quite so daunting anymore, does it? Now you can get nice, neat corners in less time than it would usually take you to get fed up and shove unfolded fitted sheets into your linen closet.

I understand if you’re still skeptical, though. After going through more than a few battles with my bed sheets and trying so-called “genius” hacks, I was ready to roll my eyes at this one, too. But when I actually tried it, I was relieved to finally strike neatly-folded fitted sheet gold! And it really did just take a few easy, breezy seconds. Plus, because of the way she tucks the ends into each other, I didn’t even have to worry about hiding an inevitable sloppy side that I previously positioned to face the back of my closet. 

If you’re jonesing for even more organizational epiphanies, you might want to check out Marie Kondo’s “file folding” method for making everything fit perfectly in your dresser drawers, or the Army technique for immaculately folded t-shirts.  

Even if the rest of your house is in a constant state of chaos, achieving this little bit of order will definitely bring you some peace of mind. 

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