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7 Storage Ideas to Make Fresh Food Last Longer


Having a kitchen stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables is a wonderful thing. Not only is it satisfying to see so much natural and wholesome produce, it also guarantees that you’re going to have plenty of cooking and guilt-free snacking options. But there’s an issue — keeping fruit and vegetables fresh can be a real struggle.

Even with the best of intention, focus, and dedication, getting through your produce haul before half of it has composted itself is a real challenge.

Thankfully, it turns out that this is a problem that doesn’t really need to exist. There are a range of food storage options and a few nature-inspired tricks that can help your food go much, much further – so no more mad dashes to the supermarket for dinner!

Scroll down for some of the quickest, cheapest and easiest methods of ensuring your fresh food lasts!

1. Sistema FreshWorks

Where to buy: $5.99, Amazon

Okay, these really do work wonders. These fridge storage containers from kitchen god Sistema are a trustworthy way of making sure your fresh produce stays fresh for much, much longer. The built-in FreshVent is an ingenious little invention that provides contents with a regulated airflow, while the crisp tray raises the food products out of any accumulated moisture – the result is that food is kept dry and fresh for far longer than conventional storage methods.

2. Sistema Fresh Food Container

Where to buy: $19, Amazon

If you’re looking to increase the life of fresh produce in a refrigerator, then you’ll want the Sistema FreshWorks containers. But, if you’re looking to freeze produce for later use, then look no further than these Fresh containers. The airtight lid ensures that the contents are not spoiled by frost damage, and the regular shape means that your freezer draw can become much more organized. 

Of course, these containers can also be used for dry food (crackers, rice) in a cupboard or fresh produce and leftovers (chopped tomatoes, cheeses) in the fridge.

3. Banana Tree Hanger

Where to buy: $13.95, Amazon

If you want to make your bananas last, then you need to keep them in a bunch and keep them aired. A tree hanger will do the job, allowing 360-degrees of aeration and keeping them neat and out of the way. Go for a stainless-steel version like this – it’s strong, it’ll last and it’s easy to clean.

4. Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Getty Images

Where to buy: $16.97, Amazon

They’re eco-friendly, useful, versatile and key for keeping potatoes fresh because the breathable material will help to prevent moisture build-up. To ensure that your potatoes don’t start sprouting, throw an apple into the bag too – apples produce ethylene gas which keeps your spuds from going off. These bags can be machine washed to make sure they stay clean.

5. Metal Wire Fruit Basket

Where to buy: $14.98, Amazon

This metal fruit bowl isn’t for your sideboard, it’s for your fridge – and more specifically, your refrigerated apples. The ethylene gas that they produce, which is so useful when keeping potatoes firm, is a real killer for other fruits and vegetables. Separate them off and everything keep for longer. This is especially effective if you keep your other fresh items in a Sistema FreshWorks container. Aim for a metal solution such as this – they’re really easy to keep clean.

6. Tiered Wire Storage Baskets

Where to buy: $58.09, Amazon

This is a great mix of style and utility. Many products (avocados, tomatoes, onions, corn, garlic, melon, pineapple) shouldn’t be stored in the fridge – the cold temperature can ruin them or prevent them from ripening. This space-saving double-tiered basket allows you to keep your products on the worktop without compromising any space.

7. 100ml Glass Jars 

Where to buy: $17.99, Amazon

These glass jars are ideal for keeping herbs fresh for longer. Basil, coriander, parsley – they’re all great, but we all know that the condition of fresh packed herbs can change within what feels like minutes. Open the pack up and put the herbs in some water near a natural light source – treating them as a bunch of flowers is the best way to ensure their longevity.

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