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Weekend Project: DIY Jewelry Organizers That Are Easy on the Eyes — and Wallet

We all have that dresser drawer, bathroom counter, or shelf in our home that’s crammed full of tangled necklaces and earrings missing their pairs. Sure, buying a jewelry organizer would be an easy solution, but why spend extra money when you can customize your very own DIY jewelry organizer that perfectly fits the accessories you already own and sorts them in an easy-to-find way? Store-bought jewelry organizers can be boring and generic-looking, and creating a personalized version at home will give you the chance to get in touch with your creative side. And who knows? Crafting a DIY jewelry organizer might inspire you to give your closet a makeover, too!

DIY Jewelry Organizer Pin

How to Make a DIY Jewelry Organizer

There are a few things you need to consider before diving head first into DIY jewelry storage. First, you’ll need to think about the jewelry itself — is it nicer, high-end jewelry, or is it chic costume jewelry from your favorite thrift store? Are you trying to reorganize a tangled mess of long necklaces that are laying on top of your dresser, or are you hoping to find a more suitable place for a collection of vintage rings?

Once you’ve figured out your main problem (or what jewelry you’d like to start with first), you’ll need to think about space constraints. Do you live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment or do you have a spacious single-family house? If the latter of the two sounds more like you, then you probably have a little bit of wiggle room with how you store your jewelry. If not, you might have to opt for something smaller (and easier to make) that can sit on the counter.

Now that you’ve got your jewelry and space issues sorted out, you’ll need to think about how much of your time you really want to spend making something to hold all of your trinkets. If you’re on a tight schedule (not to mention a budget), it’s a good idea to steer clear of woodshop projects, at least for now.

How to Organize Jewelry

It may sound impossible, but there is a way (actually, there are more than a few ways!) to successfully organize your jewelry. You can organize your jewelry by type — necklaces with necklaces, rings with rings, and so on — by size, or by color, or you could even sort your jewels by metal and value.

Not sure where to start? Begin by gathering everything together in one spot of your home where you can see it all at once. This may include anything you put in your hair (like jewled barrettes and clips) or attach to your clothing (such as brooches and pins). This way, you’ll know exactly what you have and what you now need to store.

Once you’ve had the chance to look through all of your hidden treasures, separate the pile with a discerning eye. You can categorize your jewelry however you’d like, but we’d recommend putting the jewelry you wear a lot together — this group can be your DIY jewelry organizer test-jewels. Choosing to sort things too intricately could cause a headache in the long run. (And who has enough accessories to sort by color, anyway?) The rest of your things can go into the “not so often” category and maybe the “not often enough” category. Don’t be afraid to let things go, either: If you’re never going to wear it again, consider throwing it out or donating it if it’s still in good condition.

You may want to create an entirely new category for your really nice jewelry, like the vintage Chanel earrings your grandmother gave you or the oh-so-beautiful diamond bracelet your husband splurged on last year. The best place to store valuable jewelry is in a dark, cool space that’s not exposed to air or moisture (notice how most fine jewelry boxes are dark-colored wooden boxes lined with felt?). Humidity and extremely cold (like a drafty closet) or hot (like a stuffy attic) temperatures can damage even the finest of jewels.

DIY Earring Display

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on crafts to make a DIY jewelry organizer. In fact, some of the best jewelry organizer ideas are cheap and easy-to-make. Take this chic-yet-rustic DIY earring holder, for example. All you need is an 8×10” folding picture frame (if you have a lot of earrings, you can buy a larger frame), a little bit of paint, some hot glue, and a few pieces of foam to support your fabric.


  • Folding picture frame
  • Paint
  • Foam
  • Burlap
  • Hot glue
  • Vaseline


  1. Take the frame apart (like you’re about to put a photo in it).
  2. Add a base coat of paint.
  3. Once it’s dry, add a coat of vaseline to the corners of the frame.
  4. Add a top coat of paint.
  5. Once the second coat of paint is dry, wipe the frame with a paper towel. (This will give it a distressed look.)
  6. Measure two pieces of foam. You’ll need two 8×10” pieces.
  7. Measure and cut burlap into two 8×10” pieces.
  8. Glue the burlap to the inside of the frame (so that the pretty side is facing out). Then, glue the foam to the back of the burlap.
  9. Glue a second layer of foam to the back of the fabric.
  10. Glue the remaining burlap to the opposite side of the frame (it should encase the foam, so you can no longer see it.)
  11. Start to add your earrings!

DIY Ring Display

If you have more rings than earrings, this floral DIY ring display is the perfect solution for keeping your gems sorted. This DIY jewelry storage idea is so cute, your friends will want one, too. (Sounds like a fun cocktails-and-crafts night to us!)


  • Small box
  • Picture frame
  • Foam
  • Fabric
  • Spray paint


  1. Spray paint box and frame.
  2. Measure and cut foam to fit inside the box and frame.
  3. Tightly roll foam. (You can use glue to keep the roll together.)
  4. Repeat step three. You will want to roll the foam tight enough so more than one roll will fit inside the box.
  5. Measure and cut your fabric.
  6. Glue the fabric to the inside of the box (pretty side facing up). Remember, your foam is going to go underneath the fabric.
  7. Glue the picture frame on top of the box.
  8. Let dry and your DIY jewelry organizer box is finished!

DIY Bracelet Holder

We’re going to get a bit technical with this one. Unlike the other DIY jewelry organizers, this one requires a little bit of elbow grease. but once you’re finished, you’ll have a richly-colored jewelry stand. You’ll need some wood, wood stain, and a drill to start.


  • Wooden circular base
  • Wooden dowels
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood stain
  • Saw
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush


  1. Trim the small dowel down to six inches (you should have two pieces). Then, trim the large dowel down to nine inches.
  2. Apply the stain to the freshly cut dowels and the circular base.
  3. Once the stain is dry, use the drill to connect the dowels. (Drill the six-inch dowels into the longer dowel.)
  4. Drill screw from the bottom of the base. Then, insert and tighten the stand (the thing you made with the dowels) onto the screw.
  5. Add bracelets!

DIY Necklace Holder

Who ever thought a picture frame could have so many uses? From a makeshift earring display box to a wall-hanging necklace holder, a single picture frame can go a long way. Hang your necklaces where everyone can see them with this cute and simple DIY jewelry organizer.


  • Ribbon
  • Hooks
  • Nails
  • Craft wood
  • Picture frame
  • Hammer


  1. Using a hammer and four nails, attach wood to the backside of the frame.
  2. Attach ribbon to backside of the the frame (you can use hot glue, if you’d like.)
  3. Flip the frame over and screw the hooks into the wood.
  4. Hang your jewelry!

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