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Use Dryer Sheets to Keep Your Baseboards Tidy and Dust-Free


Baseboards are one of the most notoriously difficult areas of the home to clean. They also happen to be really easy to ignore, given that they aren’t in our line of sight too often. When you do finally lock eyes with your baseboard, it’s probably because the level of grime that’s built up has become, well, far too noticeable. It’s never the most pleasant task, but the chore must be done from time to time to avoid those types of icky situations.

Luckily, there’s an easier way to make sure you sweep away all of the dust, and even keep it from settling back on the area as quickly. The key is using dryer sheets instead of washcloths. That’s right, the static electricity that helps keep our clothes from clinging to each other after a tumble through the dryer can also stop dust, pet hair, and other annoying dirt flying around in the air from landing on your poor baseboards.

In fact, it’s not just the lower section of our walls that can benefit from a wipe down with a dryer sheet. Most surfaces will stay cleaner longer by giving them a swipe with the laundry item. For instance, you can try using one the next time you clean all the gunk out between the buttons on your computer’s keyboard. Chances are, you’ll notice a longer time between that cleaning and the need to spruce it up again.

According to Apartment Therapy, using these sheets instead of more traditional cloths can make the difference between cleaning a specific part of your home once a week and cleaning it every few months. With results like that, it’s certainly worth at least giving it a shot — especially considering you probably already have a box of them already waiting in your laundry room.

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