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Easy Bathroom Updates That Won’t Break the Bank


Updating your bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean renovating. From treating yourself to some fresh new fluffy towels to introducing some on-trend tap ware, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom more stylish, no matter your budget.

Try one (or all!) of these simple and affordable updates to give your bathroom a fresh new face.

Gray Matters

Still a design star in 2017, gray creates a look that’s functional, restful, and sophisticated. This versatile color suits a range of home styles from traditional to modern, and it’s practical for family living.

Light It Up

Statement lighting isn’t restricted to bedrooms and living spaces — it adds wow factor in bathrooms and provides good ambient light. Remember to consider your ceiling height before buying, and make sure the bottom of the fixture is at least six and a half feet above the floor.
 And while we’re talking about lighting, think about installing sensor lighting under the vanity so you’ll never need to turn on overhead lights in the middle of the night again. Or, you could try this trick: Buy stick-on battery-operated sensor lights (we found some in IKEA) to light the way.

On Reflection

Feature mirrors are here to stay and large ornate frames are ever popular.

mirror bathroom update

Choose from round or oval shapes to soften the space. (Photo Credit: Homes to Love)

Seamless Transition

Using the same marble on the walls as well as the floor makes for a space that is open, indulgent, and seamless in appearance, says interior designer Greg Natale.

Power Drill

Ask an electrician if your power points can be integrated into vanity drawers, this will keep the look of tiled walls clean and simple.

Weekend Upgrade

On a budget? You can still add impact to a simple bathroom by mastering the little details.

  • Choose stand-out fixtures such as luxe tap ware and an elegant towel rail and ring.

  • Install new light switches with a matte metallic finish.

  • Buy thick towels in stylish patterns.

  • Add a beautiful dispenser set, a plant, and a candle.

  • Change the discolored sealant around the bath, shower, and vanity. Look for an easy-to-use product, such as Loctite Re-New, which is mold-resistant and can be applied over the old sealant.

  • Make sure the bathroom is thoroughly cleaned — it will look and feel like new!

Up The Wall

Wallpaper is back in bathrooms, particularly when used for a feature wall. Go for an updated look, such as an oversized floral, but be sure to purchase a product that is suitable for bathrooms. If you have young kids who splash water everywhere, limit its use to a powder room.

flower wallpaper

Make a statement with bold florals. (Photo Credit: Homes to Love)

Picture This

Art is a beautiful and affordable addition to a bathroom that doesn’t use up valuable floor space. Just ensure your chosen artworks can withstand heat and moisture.

Perfect Symmetry

Create balance in a room and achieve a more formal, orderly look through symmetrical design elements. Repeat accent colors in towels and accessories to add emphasis.

pans bathroom update

A double basin is a great way of creating symmetry and personal space in a shared bathroom! (Photo Credit: Homes to Love)

Fabulous Flooring

Want a timber look for your bathroom floor? There are a number of new products on the market that are a practical and affordable alternative to traditional wooden floors. Look out for Multilayer Hybrid from Carpet Court — it combines the waterproof properties of vinyl and the durability of laminate with the look of timber. There’s a wide selection of timber finishes and it has a 100 percent waterproof rating. 
Another option is Quick-Step’s Majestic flooring — the long, wide laminate planks have an innovative bevel and waterproof hydro seal coating, which is ideal for bathrooms.

Out With Plain Grout

The plain white tiles in this bathroom are simple, but look fantastic when finished with a gray-colored grout. This seemingly small detail can give a designer effect at a small price.

tile bathroom update

Gray grout creates contrast and depth in a space that would otherwise be all white. (Photo Credit: Homes to Love)

Space Savers

With land and house prices at a premium, smaller spaces are becoming the norm for many. Streamlined cabinetry and useful, wall-hung vanities in simple materials make clever use of compact spaces.

Light Shower

Make the most of natural light by installing a skylight. To create a soft, romantic glow, try pendant lighting and wall lamps. A white color palette and marble tiles also help to bounce light around the room.

Toilet Talk

Rimless toilets are gaining in popularity. The absence of the traditional rim makes them easier to clean and keep clean.
 Josh Mammoliti, from online showroom The Blue Space, says they are something every modern bathroom should have. “These are the new standard in toilet design, for both flushing fpm efficiency and hygiene.”

Go Green

Indoor plants are sprouting up and flourishing everywhere from kitchens and living rooms right through to bathrooms. If you want to add a few potted plants to a well-lit bathroom, try philodendrons, Devil’s Ivy, or aspidistras.

plants bathroom update

(Photo Credit: Homes to Love)

Tapware Trends

Although chrome has always been one of the leading choices for bathroom fittings, other finishes are starting to steal the spotlight: Stylish colors include black, rose gold, and gunmetal.

Smart Planning

Designing a bathroom and not sure where to start? Try these great online helpers.
 The Reece 3D Bathroom Planner is an online tool for designing your ideal layout. Not sure what look you want to go for? Discover your design style with the help of the experts at Beaumont Tiles. Take the two-minute “What’s My Style?” quiz.

Storage Hack

Keep make-up and skincare all in one
 place and under control by repurposing those kitchen utensils organizers or cutlery trays 
in your bathroom as vanity drawers and cupboards.

Tile Trends

Terrazzo is a composite material created with leftover marble, granite quartz, or glass chips poured into cement or an epoxy binder. Rachel Gilding of Beaumont Tiles says its incorporation as a surface is the next big thing in bathrooms. Terrazzo can be traced back to 16th century Venice and was made popular in the 1920s. Rachel says: “Recent advances in printing technology have made it possible for terrazzo imitation tiles to capture every small detail in the finish without needing to be sealed and maintained. As a result, they are perfect for bathrooms and wet areas.” Plus, they’re an ideal flooring option to bring styles like eclectic Bohemian and global fusion to life.

tub bathroom update

(Photo Credit: Homes to Love)

Final Flourish

Inject a little personality into your bathroom by using a stool or small side table for your toiletries. You could also add color and life
 to your sanctuary with gorgeous greenery.

This post was written by the editors at Homes to Love. For more, check out our sister site Homes to Love.

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