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This Little-Known Nutrient Solved One Woman’s GI Issues and Supercharged Her Weight Loss

This story was sponsored by SANESolution.

Sandra Sweeney, a 66-year-old retired hospital administrator and grandmother of four (ages one through nine) had been overweight since her thirties. She’d dealt with chronic constipation for most of her life and never quite found a treatment that worked for her. Tired of indigestion, yo-yo dieting, and feeling like she couldn’t keep up with her grandkids, she was ready for a change.

After learning about Viscera-3™, a new POSTbiotic supplement, and the science behind it, Sandra decided to try it out for herself — and she’s doing better than ever before. “I now feel so great and comfortable,” she says. “I’ve never been so happy and constipation-free. This is my new routine for the rest of my life!”

So what exactly is Viscera-3, and how does it work? Here’s what you need to know about the power of POSTbiotics.

What causes digestive problems?

Sandra isn’t alone in suffering from digestive issues, including what’s called a “leaky gut.” The term means that the lining in your digestive tract may be permeable, leaving toxins to slide into the bloodstream and wreak havoc on your gut and the entire digestive system. That can include inflammation, constipation, and irritable bowels.

However, there’s a solution out there that many people haven’t heard of: POSTbiotics.

What are POSTbiotics and why do they have such a huge impact on our health?

You’ve probably heard of probiotics and prebiotics before, but it’s important to really understand how they work. Probiotics are the “good” types of bacteria that people have in their guts that help digestion, decrease inflammation, and aid in weight management. You can find probiotics in supplements as well as foods like yogurt and pickled vegetables. Meanwhile, prebiotics act as a “fuel” for probiotics to help them work. The most common prebiotic is fiber.

POSTbiotics are the waste products that come from prebiotics and probiotics that contain valuable organic acids, enzymes, short-chain fatty acids, metabolites, and proteins. Many health experts have pointed to POSTbiotics as what actually gives us the digestive, inflammation, and weight benefits that we often credit to probiotics. But taking the right type of POSTbiotics directly is the shortcut to a healthier and slimmer gut.

For people suffering from a leaky gut or other related issues, research points to a very specific POSTbiotic as a solution to getting the digestive system in proper working order. In particular, one study found that a POSTbiotic called butyrate is especially effective at improving gastrointestinal distress and other common digestion problems, as well as aiding in weight loss.

What is Viscera-3?

When looking for relief, Sandra tried the Viscera-3™ TRIbutyrate POSTbiotic supplement, which has a formula that includes the powerful POSTbiotic butyrate. Harvard researchers once called butyrate an “optimal” POSTbiotic, but due to its reputation as an “unstable” molecule, it was hard to find supplements that had it. If they did, the nutrient never made it to the colon where it works its magic. Thanks to Viscera-3’s patented formula, butyrate comes in the form of TRIbutyrate, a three butyrate molecule that attaches to a glycerin support molecule, which aids in transportation and absorption into the lower colon. Even better, you don’t have to take all of that chalky supplemental fiber when you’re using Viscera-3.

How did Viscera-3 help Sandra?

Soon after Sandra took Viscera-3, her symptoms cleared up, which she says was nothing short of miraculous. Enjoying good gut health and a dramatic drop in constipation for the first time in her life was already a major win, but there was something else that made taking Viscera-3 even more worthwhile. Sandra lost five and a half inches off of her waist in just three months of POSTbiotics combined with taking part in a SANE Lifestyle program. This weight loss has allowed Sandra to not put as much stress on her joints when moving around and has helped with her shortness of breath issues. 

Sandra Sweeney

“I am much more active now,” she explains. “Stairs are no problem, [I’m] not short of breath with activity, and I am able to play with the grandchildren.” Whether it’s sports like kickball and baseball or just playing on the floor, Sandra loves the fact that she can move around easily. On a recent sledding trip, she says she was able to pull her youngest grandchild up the hill multiple times — which was a huge success.

Sandra encourages anyone else excited about beginning their POSTbiotics regimen to hang in there if they don’t see results on day one. “Don’t give up, Viscera-3 really does work,” she explains. “For some like me, it may take a bit to heal your gut, but the results are well worth it!”


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This story was sponsored by SANESolution.

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