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The One Nutrient You Need to Solve Your Bathroom, Bloating, and Leaky Gut Issues — While Slimming Your Waist

This story was sponsored by SANESolution.

If you’ve ever struggled with any kind of digestive issues — I’m talking constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and the like — you’ve probably done some research into your gut health. Taking care of the gut, and all the organs that make up the digestive tract, is one of the most important things you can do when addressing tummy troubles — and to help with weight loss struggles, too. While you may think that you’re doing all you can in this effort, there’s one important nutrient you’re probably overlooking — POSTbiotics.

Probiotics, Prebiotics, and POSTbiotics

The term probiotics refers to live microorganisms that improve your immunity, lower inflammation, enhance your digestion, and influence your nervous system. Probiotics are considered the “good” bacteria that live in your gut, and you can naturally increase them by eating probiotic-rich foods or taking them in supplement form. Prebiotics, on the other hand, act as the fuel for probiotics, and they’re usually found in fiber-rich foods and supplements. When prebiotics and probiotics are balanced in the gut, postbiotics are produced — and what they can do for your digestive health and appearance is exciting.

POSTbiotics are essentially the “waste” product of pre and probiotics. They come in the form of organic acids, short-chain fatty acids, enzymes, proteins, and metabolites. Many health experts suggest it’s actually the POSTbiotics that are producing the benefits we attribute to probiotics, such as improved digestive health. POSTbiotics offer gut-healing benefits on their own directly, whereas probiotics require prebiotics to ferment in the gut to have any benefit. The newest research around POSTbiotics also suggests significant weight loss, inflamation, and immunity benefits along with great promise for people suffering with today’s most common and serious diseases.  

Leaky gut is one of the many names we use to describe gut disfunction. It basically means that the mucous lining of your digestive tract is penetrable, which allows toxins and other harmful pathogens to travel into your blood stream and cause digestive issues and a slew of other health problems. However, research has suggested that POSTbiotics could relieve these issues. In one particular study, a POSTbiotic called butyrate demonstrated an ability to help heal a leaky gut and restore the intestinal lining. Other research shows that butyrate treatment resulted in improved GI symptoms in those with many common digestion issues. 

A Postbiotic You Can Trust

If you’re ready to start focusing more on postbiotics for your gut health, we can’t say we blame you. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to get them without having to take pre and probiotics! Thanks to a major scientific breakthrough, now you can go directly to the source and get POSTbiotics in supplement form.

SANESolution has teamed up with health experts to create the new Viscera-3™ TRIbutyrate POSTbiotic supplement, a formula that contains the POSTbiotic butyrate (or butyric acid) in a new patented form — the short-chain fatty acid that has been studied and shown to improve gut health. Researchers at Harvard call Butyrate the “optimal” POSTbiotic, that is why it is the basis for the Viscera-3™ formula. However, until now, Butyrate has been hard to get because it’s known as a “unstable” molecule.  That is why Viscera-3™ uses a patented, and more effective form of butyrate called TRIbutyrate. It’s three Butyrate molecus attached to a glycerin support molecule which improves transport and absorption by the body.

According to SANE, the POSTbiotics in Viscera-3™ can help support a slim, healthy gut by reducing bloating that often comes with extra fiber and probiotic supplements. TRIbutyrate, this new time-released triple-action POSTbiotic, could even help you lose some weight and melt inches off your waist by eliminating bloating and “bathroom backup”!


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This story was sponsored by SANESolution.

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