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Savannah Guthrie’s Tips for Staying Happy, Healthy, and Stress-Free

With her warm smile, sunny disposition and hopeful twinkle in her eye, it’s no wonder millions of viewers invite news anchor Savannah Guthrie into their homes and hearts each morning.

But for the busy wife and mother of two, who awakens every weekday at 4 AM, maintaining an upbeat, bubbly attitude and staving off worry can be a Herculean feat. “It’s not always easy juggling a demanding work schedule, family responsibilities and all the scary changes in the world right now,” Savannah admits. “I have my bad days, but I know how precious and fleeting each moment is, so I just try to stay grateful.”

For Savannah, it’s all about a shift in perspective: “Instead of thinking, This is so crazy, I’ll try to think, The love around me is so abundant. It helps me to not lose sight of the joy!” Here, her tips for staying happy, healthy and stress-free.

Boost energy with a healthy snack.

“I love healthy snacks that feel like a treat!” says Savannah. “I really like edamame and cucumbers. I’ll take a cucumber, peel it and eat it to feel more hydrated during the day. The crunch of both of those scratches that snacking ‘itch’ for me. Right now, I’m also intermittent fasting for 16 hours a day. In the morning, when I’m waiting to eat my breakfast, I’ll grab some sparkling water to stave off cravings. The truth is that I’m a 48-year-old who had two babies in her 40s, so I’m just trying to be more healthy by making good food choices, getting more exercise, sleeping a little bit better every night and staying strong so I have more energy to play with my kids.”

Try physical and mental exercises.

“I don’t put pressure on myself to do a big workout — just doing something small and enjoyable makes a world of difference!” Savannah enthuses. “For instance, doing a few minutes of yoga each day has become such a stress reliever for me lately. I did a 30-day yoga challenge, and it became almost like a meditative practice. It helps me feel stronger, the stretching is a major stress reliever and it puts my mind in the right place. I also try to walk a lot. My daughter’s school is two miles away, and I’ll walk her there if I can. Having those few minutes of not looking at my
phone and just moving is amazing!”

Strengthen and inspire yourself with faith and family.

“My strength comes from my faith,” Savannah shares. “Every morning I say my prayers. It’s easy to get distracted or anxious, but faith is my North Star. Then, of course, my family: My husband, Michael, is my superhero. Knowing that he has my back is such a comfort. My mom, sister, brother and I are all really close. We’re in touch every day, either by phone or text. Having that family support makes such a huge difference.”

Boost confidence by gaining perspective.

“There are many definitions of success, but I define it as doing the thing that is your unique purpose,” Savannah explains. “In terms of my career, I try to keep things in perspective. I remember one time, I was embarrassed by something I flubbed on camera, but then a colleague said to me, ‘You’re never as good or as bad as you think you are.’ That has always stuck with me. Even now, if I mess up, I’ll force myself to go back and watch it, because almost always, it’s not as bad as it felt in the moment. There’s some relief there… and it’s an automatic confidence booster!”

This article originally appeared in our print magazine.

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