No Vacation Plans? 15 Minutes of This Will Leave You Just as Calm


Summer is often when we all start itching to venture outside our hometowns and hopefully enjoy a little R&R. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the time (and the money) to make that a reality every year. Good news: You might be able to reap the same relaxing benefits at home with just 15 minutes.

That might sound like an exaggeration or a pipe dream, but new research published in the Journal of Positive Psychology claims 15 minutes of meditation on a daily basis can make you feel just as happy as one day of vacation. They based this on a small study of 40 university students over an 8-week span, during which some of the students were taking vacations while others stayed and worked on a larger study. The researchers decided to compare those on vacation with those remaining and asked those who stayed to use guided meditation for 15 minutes each day. 

After analyzing surveys from both sides of the experiment, they found the meditation could achieve a similar level of positive emotions and greater well-being as a day of vacation. “Both meditators and vacationers reported heightened awareness of their environment and greater equanimity [calmness] in experiencing their emotions,” Christopher May, author of the study, told PsyPost

Obviously, more research needs to be done on the idea, but meditation is also something you can maintain longer than a vacation. You have to admit, that’s a pretty strong case for trying meditation, regardless of your summer travel plans. “’If you’re pressed for time, sit on a meditation cushion; if you have more time, sit on a beach chair,’” said May.  

In fact, you might not even need a full 15 minutes to find your inner calm. Take a look at our 10-Minute Meditation Practice and try it out for yourself!

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