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This Nutritionist’s Simple Twist on Intermittent Fasting Makes It Much Easier to Follow and See Results


Have you ever struggled to get through your self-care routine on top of everything else you need to do in a day? As a certified health educator, nutritional consultant, and chef in New York City, MaryRuth Ghiyam saw this problem all the time with her individual clients, who were constantly fighting to fit their well-being regimens into a 24-hour period. But instead of telling people to just try harder, Ghiyam took a different approach: She decided to base her practice around working with the clock instead of in spite of it. “I was trying to link health with time management, which is often a disconnect in the wellness world,” she explains.

Putting together her years of experience steering people in to a time-conscious and healthier direction, Ghiyam recently published Liquids till Lunch: 12 Small Habits That Will Change Your Life for Good (Buy on Amazon, $15.60), her guide to 12 easy, accessible, and free self-care habits that anyone can implement in their busy lifestyle.

While all of MaryRuth Ghiyam’s tips are applicable to virtually anyone who wants to try them, the title of her book comes from the first piece of time-related wellness advice she used to give to individual clients: Only have liquids until it’s time for you to eat lunch.

Unlike traditional intermittent fasting, which often demands a full fast except for water and maybe coffee or tea, the MaryRuth Organics founder’s approach is more flexible and lenient, and it includes green juices, milk, smoothies, and vegetable broth. Moreover, when you start your lunch time is completely up to you; you can take a break to eat at 10am if that’s easier for you, or wait until a more traditional 12pm.

Even if you start by pushing back your 7am breakfast to 8am, Ghiyam says that makes a huge difference both for your physical and mental well-being. Her plan generally moves readers towards eating three times per day between the hours of noon and 8pm, but it’s incredibly adaptable no matter what the schedule; she also doesn’t put any limitations on the food you eat. Plus, plenty of scientific evidence backs up the power of intermittent fasting, like helping with energy, weight management, digestive health, cell repair, and much more.

Overall, Ghiyam hopes that her book, including her liquids till lunch tip, shows people that they can take small but impactful steps to improve their health and lifestyle without breaking the bank or taking up large parts of their schedule. “The steps in this book can be done [when you’re] a pandemic, when you’re really busy, when you’re traveling,” she notes. “Any self-care tip is a universal truth only if it can truly be done by everyone.”

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