Little Ways You Can Feel Happier Every Day (According to Science)


We’re already used to indulging in the little things that bring smiles to our faces every day, whether it be taking that extra slice of pie at dinner or spending a few more moments of quality time with the family. However, there are quite a few sneaky ways to bring even more joy into your life. And while these tips for how to be happy might make you raise your eyebrows, just keep in mind that they’re all according to science!

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For instance, did you know that listening to sad music can make you happier? We know it sounds crazy, but in 2014, the Public Library of Science conducted a study and concluded that “listening to sad music can actually lead to beneficial emotional effects.”

Watch the video below to see more scientifically-proven ways to boost your mood!

The study, which aimed to investigate why people listen to sad music, consisted of over 772 participants. They all filled out an anonymous survey and included details such as their sad music listening habits and the emotions they felt while listening. Based on the results, researchers found that sad songs actually have “consolatory and comforting effects,” and they also concluded that they have the “potential for regulating negative moods and emotions.”

It’s quite the paradox, considering that most people turn to sad music when they’re feeling down. However, there are times when it can be therapeutic and in turn, help you stay balanced emotionally.

“A sense of shared subjectivity with the music can arise. In descriptions of their most intense experiences of music, people often talk about a sense that the boundary between the music and themselves has dissolved,” Elizabeth Margulis, author of On Repeat: How Music Plays the Mind explained in her book.

So whenever you’ve got the blues, don’t hesitate to play those emotional tunes. Of course, it won’t feel so great in the moment, but it’ll definitely keep you happier in the long run!

Make sure to watch the video above to see other ways you can be happier each day, according to science!

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