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Does Your Significant Other Hog the Covers? Try This Simple Swedish Solution

With the temperatures starting to dip lower and lower, you might find yourself shivering in the middle of the night. No, not because you haven’t invested in a warm, snuggly comforter or duvet — but because your partner has a bad habit of wrapping themselves up in it and leaving you out in the cold. Or perhaps you’re the culprit when it comes to selfishly hogging all the covers. Whoever the guilty party may be, there’s one easy solution that might not have occurred to you. 

Instead of losing sleep (and warmth) while fighting over the one king or queen-sized blanket night after night, try doubling up with two twin sized comforters. Yeah, that sounds pretty crazy, we know. But when you really think about, it’s a pretty smart solution — and you can still get some cuddling in, too. You may have even come up with it yourself, but the lack of sleep caused by nightly battles over warmth doesn’t exactly help the problem-solving area of our brains. 

This method of doubling-up on duvets has actually been popular in Sweden, Norway, and other European cultures for awhile now. You could opt for larger blankets than twin depending on your own preferences, but that size tends to work best at being able to fold up perfectly for a sleek looking bed without any extra spillage over the sides. 

To make your bed each day, Anki Spets, the Swedish designer behind AREA home store, recommends that you basically roll the individual twin blankets into loose burrito-like columns and tuck any excess underneath itself. If you’re worried that a guest might take a look inside your room and assume you’re having relationship issues that caused you to split the bed in half, you can make it more unified with another top blanket or throw at the end of the bed, as shown below.

European double duvet

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Now you don’t have to worry about kicking your partner out onto the couch just to get some decent shut-eye! Of course, that’s not the only issue that can cause a problem between couples sharing a bed — but it’s certainly the easiest way to take one less issue away from your nightly routine. 

Sweet dreams!

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