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This $14 Powder Helped One Woman Heal Her Leaky Gut and Nix Fatigue


How long was I asleep? Jessica Young wondered, as she realized what was supposed to be a 15-minute nap had lasted nearly two hours and caused her to miss dinner with her family. There has to be something I can do to boost my energy, she thought, on the verge of tears, about the relentless brain fog and exhaustion that left her plagued with forgetfulness and constantly sitting down to catch a nap.

Too Tired to Cope

“From an early age, food allergies, IBS, endometriosis that required a hysterectomy in my 20s and unexplained pain and fatigue were part of my daily life,” shares Jessica. “There was no reason I needed to take a nap during the day or sleep practically all weekend, yet that’s what I did. It’s hard to remember a day where I wasn’t exhausted or experiencing pain. As the years flew by, I grew more and more desperate for relief.

“My osteopath at the time suspected I had fibromyalgia, but was hesitant to diagnose me because he said I was too young to have that diagnosis in my chart. But I pressed further because my pain was getting worse, and I was also gaining weight rapidly and had no energy. Finally, I was officially diagnosed, but that didn’t spark the relief I had hoped for.

“The osteopath recommended acupuncture, exercises, and similar remedies, which weren’t effective as the pain got worse and the fatigue built up. I was constantly exhausted and foggy and I always felt like I was barely making it through my day. Worst of all, I wasn’t active and present with my family.

“For years, I took a variety of over-the-counter and prescription medicines, including NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and acetaminophen for weeks and months straight. I lost count of how many different medicines I was prescribed over the years.

“Then in 2017, I got fed up with the decades of pain and exhaustion and taking nine different medicines every day. Desperate for relief, I went to a chiropractor, hoping a fresh set of eyes might lead to a successful treatment. He dove deep into my health history and chronic symptoms and said my sleep patterns, pain, bloat, and bowel irregularities indicated I had an overgrowth of yeast, causing inflammation, pain, and a leaky gut.

“He explained that a leaky gut is cracks or holes in the intestinal lining that allow partially digested food, toxins and bugs to penetrate the tissues beneath it. A leaky gut can trigger inflammation and changes in the gut flora, causing problems within the digestive tract, as well as chronic diseases like celiac, Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome, and even fibromyalgia. I was shocked, as no one had ever suggested this before. But as the doctor talked, everything clicked into place.

Surprise Solution

“The chiropractor prescribed me liposomal bovine colostrum, a supplement made from milk produced by cows that recently gave birth — it’s been found to increase healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract and strengthen the lining and immune system of the gut. I looked at the chiropractor like he had three heads and thought, Is he out of his mind suggesting I take cow’s breast milk? But I was committed to giving alternative options a chance, so I researched what sounded like a crazy idea.

“I read studies that said this might actually help, so I ordered liposomal bovine colostrum powder (Buy on Amazon, $13.95), and the next day, I started taking one tablespoon twice daily. Within the first week, I slept more soundly than I had in years and my bowels started being more regular. About three weeks later, I was regularly waking every morning feeling great because I’d slept all night. Best of all, my pain was significantly diminished!

“I was shocked that for about $1 a day, I was able to heal my gut, which turned out to be the cause of chronic inflammation that led to every disease and syndrome I’ve had. I am so grateful the chiropractor suggested colostrum!

“Finally, I’m free of pain and fatigue and I have more energy than I did at 25! I feel terrific and continue taking colostrum regularly. My family is amazed at my alertness and energy. This year was the first family vacation we’ve taken in two decades that didn’t have me skipping family walks because I had to lie down due to exhaustion or trailing off midsentence because I was so foggy.

Thanks to this easy fix, I can do anything I want to do!”

Jessica Young
Corey Reese

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, First For Women.

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