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How Catt Sadler Deals With Urinary Incontinence

This miracle product changed her life.

E! News personality Catt Sadler recently let us in on a little secret: she deals with urinary incontinence. It’s something most of us women have a hard time talking about, but people like Sadler are helping to normalize the conversation.

Sadler first noticed that she was having a leaking issue about six or seven years ago. “I got my kids a trampoline for Christmas. We were jumping around and then I realized I was having some bladder leakage. I was slightly alarmed and embarrassed, and as time went on it got a little bit worse,” she remembers. “The thing that confused me about it was that no one ever talked to me about this issue before. Even my mom, as close as we are, she never said, ‘hey by the way, when you have kids this might be an issue. Or as you age, this might be something you encounter.’ So I started asking myself, why aren’t we talking about this? I know I can’t be alone.”

So Sadler decided that she was going to take the conversation public, and announced that she would be partnering with Depend to help educate women on urinary incontinence and ways that they could help themselves. “I started talking about it, and soon enough I found out that 25 million plus Americans have bladder leakage. We truly aren’t alone in this,” she said.

While there is often embarrassment and shame surrounding issues like a leaky bladder, Saddler asserts that it’s important for women to speak up. “I want women to know that they are not alone. There is this taboo around it, but my advice is to be the one to step forward in your social circles. Start talking about it. Talk to your mothers, your friends, and anyone older that you might trust. Start the conversation so that you can help others feel less alone, too.”

On top of that, Sadler emphasizes how important it is to keep an open and honest dialogue with your healthcare providers. “if this is something thats bothering you, it’s so important to have a doctor you trust,” she says. “I brought my doctor on my Naked podcast and she really emphasized how important it is for a woman to be able to have a good relationship with her doctor and ask the questions that make her feel vulnerable.”

And thanks to brands like Depend, there are quite a few ways that you can safely manage urinary incontinence at home (or anywhere). “There are so many new tools to manage it and knowing that they’re there gives me a lot of comfort,” Sadler explains. “There are these new sexy silhouettes available that aren’t what we’ve had in our minds.”

According to Sadler, the Depend Silhouette line ($11.97, Amazon) is almost just like wearing regular underwear! “They’re these silky smooth briefs that really work underneath your clothes. No one would ever know that you have them on!” she says. “I have them on standby, just like you might have some extra tampons in your car, I carry my Silhouettes. It’s a backup and a security blanket that I like to have. All I want is convenience and confidence, and these give me both of those.”

The best part is, your life doesn’t have to change much thanks to products like the Depend Silhouettes.”The beautiful thing about them is that they’re not something that you can only wear at home,” she says. “You get to carry on with your beautiful life — your family, your travel, your exercise routine — and your experiences don’t have to stop. You just get to go on living as you always have with the protection you need.”

So rather than feeling shame or embarrassment around an issue that so many women experience, do as Catt Saddler does. Talk about it openly as much as you can, and find a product that works for you.

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