10 Best Halloween Costumes for Babies New Moms Will Adore

Most of us can agree, the best part about Halloween isn't the movies or even the candy — it's seeing all the best Halloween costumes for babies. There's just something about seeing a precious babe dressed up as a lion, a tiger, or even a little old lady that does the heart good. After all, you only get so long to dress up your child before their own imagination starts running things. And these parents? Let's just say they did not let the opportunity pass them by.  

Best Halloween Costumes for Babies

From adorable classics like fluffy bunnies and snuggly teddy bears to an Addams Family favorite and one pretty incredible superbaby, these parents went above and beyond with their creative outfits — and best of all, they snapped the cutest pics for us to see!

Keep scrolling to see 10 of the cutest Halloween costumes for babies and find out how you can recreate them this holiday!