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We’ve Been Pouring Beer the Wrong Way and It’s Making Us Bloated


If you’ve been pouring beer slowly to avoid getting foam in your glass — you’ve been doing it all wrong. Sorry! Beer is carbonated, so when you pour beer slowly along the side of a tilted glass, you’re keeping all the carbon dioxide inside the beer, and so there’s no foam.

This is good until the beer gets into your stomach and all that carbon dioxide settles in. Then if you eat something, it mixes with the carbon dioxide, and it all comes out — causing pain, bloating, and discomfort. So, if you don’t release the carbon dioxide in the glass, it gets released in your stomach.

Instead, you should pour beer into a glass with gusto — quickly and boldly to get the carbon dioxide out of the beer while it’s in the glass, not in your stomach. Yes, this might be a messier way to do it as the foam will likely spill over, but it’s better than a bloated stomach down the line.

Beer sommelier Max Bakker told Business Insider what we’ve been doing wrong in a video.

There are more benefits to the pouring method that Bakker suggests: The extra foam turns into beer anyway, so you’re actually getting more beer for your money. The foam also contains flavors that make the beer taste that much better.

So next time you see a bartender pouring your beer the wrong way, be sure to tell them you want your glass extra foamy, please.

This post was written by Phoebe Parke. For more, check out our sister site The Debrief.

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