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Say Goodbye to Stale Chips With This 10-Second Bag-Sealing Trick

No chip clips? No problem.


We all have a favorite quarantine snack that’s bringing us a little extra comfort during these strange times. You might find yourself rationing out crispy potato chips so they last between grocery trips or deliveries — and you don’t want to be disappointed by biting into stale starch when you dig in for a nosh session. Luckily, there’s a simple trick you can use to keep your chips fresh that doesn’t involve a clip, rubber band, or any other extra contraptions at all.

As host of Top Chef, Padma Lakshmi has seen some pretty clever and inventive things done with food, but in a recent Twitter post, she seemed just as blown away by a clever folding technique for chip bags as she is with contestants on the cooking show. “How am I just finding out about this now?” she wrote while sharing the quick video:

Honestly, it seems like magic to us. We had to watch it a few times to make sure she wasn’t using any sneaky editing, but it’s totally legit! One of her followers replied to Lakshmi with a video of himself giving the folding trick a try and was so impressed that he wrote, “I am now a sorcerer too.”

Keep in mind, there may be a little trial and error if you test out the folding method in your kitchen. We aren’t scientists, but we’d guess things like the type of bag your snack came in and how many chips you manage to leave in there will factor into how successful you are at replicating Lakshmi’s results. But even if it takes a little practice to get right, it will be totally worth all the snacking you’ll be able to enjoy without having to fish around for a clip or rubber band to seal it back up when you’re done. 

Anything that makes our lives a bit easier right now is definitely welcome!

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