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People Are Drinking ‘Mushroom Coffee’ for Its Immune-Boosting Benefits


If you love to kick-start your morning with a healthy turmeric brew, there’s a new coffee trend that may pique your interest. It is called “mushroom coffee,” and it’s been tapped as the healthiest in the world. But if the thought is hard to stomach, don’t worry; you won’t be seeing floating fungi in your cup.

So what is it, you ask? It’s actually a powdered blend, which is made by liquefying and drying out matsutake mushrooms, that is then combined with your daily grounds. Finnish company Four Sigmatic are behind the innovative new brew, which boasts high levels of antioxidants and immune-boosting properties.

Founder of the company Tero Isokauppila is on a mission to make it a household name and get it recognized as the easiest way to increase your daily nutrient intake. Of course, you’ll still get your daily caffeine hit. Four Sigmatic use what they call “mild-tasting Arabica beans,” sourced from Central America. The beans aren’t as bitter as most coffee beans, so they won’t mask the mild, earthy flavor of the mushroom extract.

And, the benefits are supposedly so great even American coffee brewers and cafes are taking notice. One L.A. café, Cafe Gratitude, offer what they call the “adrenal latte”, which is a blend of reishi mushrooms.

While it’s yet to take off globally, we at Food To Love are always willing to try a new food trend so sign us up!

This post was written by Claudia Poposki. For more, check out our sister site Food to Love.

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