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This Hack For a Mess-Free Taco Will Totally Change Your Family Dinners


Tacos are typically equal in taste and messiness. Sure, the flavors of the meat combined with the toppings makes for a heavenly experience. But we’ve all bit into a hard shell taco and watched in horror as half of the filling spills out the other side of the open tortilla. I know it always leaves me upset! Thanks to a viral hack, we might have a way to avoid that and eat mess-free tacos whenever we want.

Luckily, this hack doesn’t even require already having hard shell taco tortillas. Instead, you’ll be making your own with a flour tortilla. The trick lies in making the opening of the tortilla wider, so the filling has some room to move when you take a bite and doesn’t just spill out of the sides. This tip comes from TikTok user @cookwithranda, who advertises it as an easy way to eat tacos when you don’t have hard shell tortillas.

All you have to do is grab a flour tortilla, preferably a smaller-sized one, and fold it into a microwave-safe cup. The tortilla will mold to the the cup to create a rounded shaped. Fill this with your meats or veggies and sprinkle cheese on top. Transfer the cup with the filled tortilla to the microwave and heat up for 3 minutes.

Carefully pull out the tortilla from the cup and you should see it keep the shape. Now you have a shell! Add in the fresh toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, or a combination of those in a pico de gallo salsa. The fun of this hack is that you have tons more space to add toppings to your taco since you don’t have to worry about it all spilling out!

Once you’re ready to eat, take a bite with the opening facing up. You should see how the filling stays in place since the tortilla is almost shaped like a bowl. Now you can eat as many as you want without worrying about the mess!

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