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Can’t Find the Corkscrew? Open a Bottle of Wine With Your House Keys


It’s a scene we all know pretty well by now: You’re excited that work is finally over for the day (or possibly the week) and you’ve bought a brand-new bottle of wine to help you relax and unwind with your best girlfriend, as the two of you talk about whatever it was that your husbands — or maybe your kids — did to make your lives even messier this week. The only problem? There’s not a corkscrew in sight. What a Friday night nightmare.

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Before the two of you scrounge wildly through the kitchen drawers in search of a corkscrew, just take a breather and pull out your house keys. Or any key, really. This is going to be your substitute corkscrew for the night.

Once you’ve found a sturdy key that won’t bend or break under pressure, insert the key into the cork at a 45-degree angle. Then, lift the key while turning it. This will (slowly) pull the cork free; just keep turning until it pops out. The cork itself may start to rip, but by that point you’ll be able to grab it with your fingers and pull it the rest of the way free. We know it sounds too easy to be true, but trust us on this: The house-key method has been sommelier-approved by Stephanie Miskew of The Wine Atelier, an online wine boutique.

Sure, breaking open a bottle of wine with an old house key isn’t ideal, but it works. And that’s good enough for us!

To see a step-by-step tutorial of this nifty trick, check out the video below of YouTuber and hack master Dave Hax opening a bottle of wine with a house key, start to finish:

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