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7 Ways to Make a Basic Sandwich Beautiful — And Delicious


We all know the basic instructions on how to make a sandwich: Add two slices of bread, fill them with one slice of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, the lunch meat of choice, and squeeze it all together. Or maybe we simply slather on some good old PB&J. Though these may not be the best sandwiches in the world, they’re usually satisfying, basic as they may be. But what if we want to make our sandwiches, well, not so basic — without spending a lot of extra time and money?

We’ll be the first to admit that we aren’t chefs and we don’t have access to the fanciest ingredients, nor any experts to advise us on how to make a sandwich. But what we do have is askreddit, a page on the popular reddit online community where users are known for making their voices heard on anything from hard-hitting news to cat photos. So when community members were asked, “What’s the best advice you’ve ever received for making a sandwich better?” they did not hold back.

Scroll below to learn these simple steps from savvy reddit users on how to make a sandwich, and you might just hear your friends and family saying you make the best sandwiches ever.

1. Get spicy.

best sandwiches

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“Herbs and spices. Oregano, garlic, salt, thyme, or a fresh sprig of dill can make a sandwich better. If you grow any herbs, try throwing them on sandwiches and see what you get. You have an excessive amount anyway, might as well find new uses.” – ScribbleWitty

2. Choose your carbs wisely.

“Never make a sandwich with bread you wouldn’t eat by itself.” – Spud70757

3. Meat up.

how to make the best sandwich

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“Never let the meat on the sandwich lie flat. Get thin-cut slices at the deli, and crumple them up on your sandwich. It makes your sandwich look much larger, but also makes it so that when bite into your sandwich, you are more likely to be tasting the meat (the meat will have a ton more surface area, so more likely to hit your taste receptors). If you don’t do this, the meat is essentially compacted together and you don’t really get any difference when you bite into three slices or five slices. Also, if you don’t do it, then you are more tempted to load up with too much meat, and wind up throwing off the balance. The one exception to this is probably for Italian style/sausage type meats. Those won’t generally crumple well.” – javakah

4. Keep it consistent.

“The bread needs to match the filling. Hard bread for hard fillings, and soft bread for soft fillings. Hard bread will squish out a soft filling as you bite it. And soft bread will just mush in your mouth as you bite through thicker and harder fillings. Edit: it’s obviously not a hard rule. There are exceptions.” – Imadethisuponthespot

5. Guard your bread.

how to make a sandwich better

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“Remembering that mayo or another fat like butter or a dressing is a membrane, a barrier to liquids. So if a sandwich has mustard or wet ingredients like tomato or lettuce, the fat barrier keeps the bread from getting wet.” – mojave_moon

6. Bundle it up.

“Wrap it up tightly. This is especially true of hot sandwiches, but it has a noticeable impact on cold sandwiches too. Just a piece of wax paper, butcher paper or even tin foil. Wrap it, tight, let it sit for at least a minute, and your entire sandwich experience will be elevated!” – OPsMomand_Dad

7. Remember the most important lesson.

best sandwich ever

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“If you think you’re using enough butter you’re probably not.” – SplittingEnnui 

If you don’t mind us, we’ll be taping all these tips to our fridges!

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