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Use This Simple Ingredient to Make Your Eggs Extra Fluffy Without Whipping


Whenever I make scrambled eggs, I’m always hoping to get them as fluffy as possible. I’ll whip them for a few minutes in a bowl with a fork, but I always stop short of getting out the electric whisk. The whisk takes far too much time and effort for something as simple as eggs, especially since they cook within minutes. So you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered this easy hack for making fluffy scrambled eggs: baking powder.  

Chefs everywhere are trying out this too-simple-to-be-true hack: Just add a pinch of baking powder to your eggs to create the fluffy texture of your dreams. Seem strange? Apparently baking powder works in eggs the same way it makes fluffy pancakes — by activating liquid to create bubbles. That extra air gives the eggs a light, delicate texture.  

How to Make Fluffy Eggs Using Baking Powder  

Naturally, I ran into the kitchen to try this hack out for myself. I cracked two eggs into one bowl, and two eggs into another. Then, I added 1/8 of a teaspoon of baking powder to one of the bowls. To give each pair of eggs a fair chance on the griddle, I whipped them both for one minute by hand. Right away, I noticed that the eggs with the baking powder (on the left) had more bubbles after whipping. 

Once the griddle was hot, I poured the bowl of eggs with baking powder onto one side and the eggs without powder on the other side. I let them cook separately, removed both scrambles from the griddle, and slid them onto a plate. They didn’t look very different to me. Still, the eggs with baking powder (on the left) did seem a little bit bigger, even though all four eggs were about the same size.  

When I tasted them, I instantly noticed a difference. The baking powder made the eggs on the left mildly salty (1/8 of a teaspoon of baking powder contains 60 milligrams of sodium). It also made them light and fluffy. While the scramble on the right was still somewhat fluffy, thanks to the whipping beforehand, it wasn’t as light in texture as the scramble with baking powder.  

My final verdict? The baking powder scrambled eggs were delicious, and definitely worth the extra step. I’m even confident that adding a pinch of baking powder would produce fluffy eggs even without extra whipping. So forget beating your eggs with an electric whisk — you can’t beat this hack!

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