5 Life-Changing Food Hacks That Make Cooking a Breeze

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This isn’t your first rodeo – you’ve been cooking meals in this kitchen for years. You’re always the first one to pull out baked goods at the PTA meetings and you’re well aware of how the other moms stare when the principal takes a bite of your special homemade cobbler at the school’s annual holiday fundraiser. Your bookshelf is piled high with cookbooks — organized in alphabetical order, of course. And your pantry has just about every spice you could possibly think of. So why is it that you need this list? Well, to make your life a lot easier, so you’ll have more time to enjoy the dishes you make, of course.

How to Peel Garlic Easily

Peeling garlic isn't necessarily hard, but it is time consuming and can make your fingers smell like they've been sitting in a vat of a pungent garlic-and-herb marinade for days. While there are several gadgets out there to peel garlic, this trick will help you just as much, if not more, than those fancy kitchen tools. Just grab a glass jar (we recommend using a mason jar) and one clove (or more) of garlic. Toss the garlic into the jar, tighten the lid, and give it a very firm shake. Before you know it, your garlic will be peeled and shell-less — and your hands will have stayed squeaky clean. 

If you're still unsure of whether you're doing it right or not, here's a quick YouTube video, created by Diply, that'll show you how it's done. 

How to Make Chocolate Curls

You know Sharon, that mom who brings the fancy-looking dessert plates to every bake sale? This year, you're going to blow her (probably store-bought) “homemade” creations out of the water with your own perfectly curled chocolate shavings — and it's only going to take you five seconds. If you have a potato peeler, great; if you don't, you can use a cheese grater. Then, get a piece of chocolate and get to peeling. Just press your peeler firmly against the chocolate (dark chocolate works best, but you can use whatever chocolate you'd like) and slide it downwards or away from you. Be careful not to press too hard, because the chocolate will break — and how will you be able to show-up Sharon then?

If you're having trouble, here is a video, created by GoodtoKnow demonstrating some pretty solid peeling skills. 

How to Keep a Pot From Boiling Over

It's Tuesday night, the kids are home from school and running around the living room like chickens with their heads cut off, and you've taken your eyes off of the stove just long enough for your pot of boiling water to spatter all over the stove. If this scene is pretty common around your home, then you might want to invest in a wooden spoon. That's right: This simple kitchen utensil magically prevents water from boiling over. Just place it on top of the pot, and you're good to go.

Maybe this 13-second video, posted by the OXO Good Tips YouTube channel, will change your mind. 

Personal Chip and Dip Bowl

If you've ever put chip dip directly onto the chips you're about to devour, then you know this is not the most efficient way to have a proper chip and dip snack. Not only do the chips get soggy, but you end up wasting extra dip. The right way to eat chips and dip requires four things: a medium-sized bowl, a wine glass, chips, and dip. Place the wine glass in the middle of the bowl, fill the wine glass with dip, and then fill the bowl with chips. Ta-da! Instant chip and dip bowl. Goodbye soggy chips; hello crunchy freedom.

Pretty simple, right? Here's a video, posted by  the YouTube channel Easy DIY Crafts & Recipes & Ideas, to show you how it's done. 

How to Cook Eggs in the Microwave

Believe it or not, eggs can be scrambled, poached, or made into an omelet right within the close confined space of your microwave. (Yes, the microwave.)  If you're running late for work, this is probably the quickest way you're going to get in that spinach and cheese quiche you planned to eat. All you'll need is one egg (or more, depending on how hungry you are), a fork or a whisk if you have one, a little bit of milk, uncooked spinach (washed, dried, and chopped), ham (if you'd like), shredded cheese, salt and pepper to taste, and a microwave-safe cup (preferably a large coffee cup). Break your eggs into the cup and scramble as you normally would, then add the chopped spinach, salt, pepper, cheese, and a dash of milk. Once everything is mixed together, place the cup in the microwave. Cook it until it's nice and fluffy (one to four minutes, depending on size). So easy!

For a more details, check out this video posted by the YouTube channel TheCooknShare

Look, we're not saying grandma's way was wrong, but it might be time to adopt some new cooking styles that fit your life. After all, when you're a busy lady, the kitchen is probably the last place you want to be. Why not try a few of these cooking hacks? Who knows, you might be able to teach grandma a thing or two.

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