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These Bras for Bustier Women Offer Sexiness + Support, Plus New Brands to Try

Plus, the genius sizing tip you didn't know you needed!

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A cotton, beige bra might be supportive if you’re a woman with bigger breasts, but where’s the fun and the flair? Even if you’re a grandma, you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a bra for one! Fortunately, bras for bustier women aren’t as hard to find as they used to be, so First For Women turned to bra fitters and experts for their best styles. Whether you have a broader back, a narrower frame, rounder or fuller breasts, “the good news is that these days there are more brands available than ever before for women with larger busts,” says Helen Masters, bra fitter and owner of Pudding Lingerie. “However, a lot of women still don’t know about them all!” Keep reading to learn more about the best bra brands for bustier women so you can get confidence and support all in one.

What to look for when buying a bra

Someone shopping for bras for bustier women

Cami Raymond, senior design director of Ruby Ribbon, says bustier women should look for “wider bands,” “wide straps,” and “full coverage cups” when buying bras. Raymond says finding styles with more than one hook and an underwire that doesn’t bother the skin “will feel more supportive and lifting than those without one.”

Adds Masters, “the style that will suit a woman depends more on how rounded her boobs are and whether she has lost some elasticity in the skin or not,” says Masters. Typically, fuller, rounder breasts work better with a fuller cup, while breasts that have lost tissue at the top will be more comfortable in a balcony type of bra. 

When buying a bra, you may also want to consider the UK sizes vs. the U.S. options on the tag. The band size will be the same, but the UK cup sizes have more range, ultimately giving you a better-fitting bra. It varies by brand, but typically those sold in the U.S. or online still use the UK size.

Why it’s important to wear the right size bra

Experts agree that most women are wearing the wrong size bra, meaning they’re probably not as comfortable or supported as they could be. When you wear the correct size, you’ll improve your posture, minimize potential neck and back pain and round out the shape of your upper body. 

“The key is to try the bra on and know what to look for — what makes a well-fitting bra that will enhance your shape. A specialist bra fitter can help with that,” says Masters.

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What are the best bra brands for bustier women (sll sizes are UK)

  1. Elomi: This brand offers back sizes from 32 to 46 and cup sizes DD-KK. Its various styles cater to different breast shapes.
  2. Curvy Kate/ Scantilly starts at 28 for back sizes and goes up to 48 with cups ranging from D-K. You can find bras as well as bodysuits.
  3. Ruby Ribbon is known for its demiettes and camis without underwire, sized from 32 to 50.
  4. Glamorise has a wide size range, with styles available in band sizes 30-58 and cup sizes B-K so that bustier women won’t have an issue.
  5. Katherine Hamilton begins at a band size of 26 for those with narrower frames and has a variety of cups from B-HH up to a 34/36 band.
  6. Panache also starts lower at 28 and reaches 46 in band size. As for cups, they go all the way up to an O.
  7. Empreinte is a luxury brand that offers bras from 28-46 up to an H in the cup.
  8. Oola Oola is great for those with bigger backs. Their sizes are 38-46, going up to a G cup.
  9. Pour Moi has a more extensive cup range up to M, with band sizes starting at 30 and reaching up to 44.
  10. Prima Donna is another brand that goes up to an M cup with bras suited for different breast and body types.

The best bras for bustier women 

“It goes without saying that no two bodies are the same, and one bra style that works well for someone else might not be the best fit for you,” explains Maeve Gesualdi, bra style and features expert from Glamorise. Whether you prefer bras with underwire, no underwire, fun colors, lace, satin, cotton, etc., finding one that suits your style and provides the support you need is important.

Here are various bras for different occasions, types of clothing and personal preferences so you can love what’s underneath your outfit, too. 

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Best everyday bra

Elomi Morgan bra for bustier women

Elomi Morgan

Lee Padgett, certified expert fitter, founder, and owner of Busted Bra Shop, always recommends a cut-and-sew bra with a stretch lace upper cup for everyday wear. The Elomi Morgan is her go-to. 

Best minimizer bra

Glamorise minimizer bra for bustier women

MagicLift Minimizer Bra from Glamorise

“If you have a larger chest and often struggle with button gapping in button-down shirts or dresses, we recommend trying out a minimizer bra,” says Gesualdi. Her favorite is the MagicLift Minimizer Bra from Glamorise because it’s a “great full coverage option” and “redistributes breast tissue to reduce bust projection.”

Best sports bra

Anita Extreme Control Plus bra for bustier women

Anita Extreme Control Plus

Bustier women who are more athletic or participate in heavy exercise also need bras — and you don’t want to ruin others with sweat. “The Anita Sports bra, especially the Extreme Plus version, is essential for very full breasts during high-impact activities,” says Padgett. “It provides the necessary support, keeping breasts in place and reducing strain on the back, making it popular among active professionals like nurses.”

Best bra for the money

Panache full envy cup bra or bustier women

Panache Envy Full Cup Bra

Panache is “a brand with off-the-chart growth in the last decade or so – great for affordable ‘va va voom’ shaped lingerie for all ages and shapes,” says Masters. They have many colors and styles and wider backs for more comfort. This one costs $71, which is a steal as far as bras for bustier women go; the quality makes it worth the money.

Best racerback bra

Elomi matilda bra for bustier woman

Elomi Matilda

Some clothes require moving your bra straps off your shoulders, so “bras like the Elomi Matilda with a j-hook on the straps can convert into racerback, enhancing breast placement towards the center of the chest,” explains Padgett.

Best high-end bra

Empreinte Invisible full cup bra for bustier women

Empriente Invisible Full Cup Bra

Wearing an Empriente bra is the closest thing to a custom-made one. They’re “another luxury lingerie icon that was one of the first to specialize in bigger cups — an absolute winner for fuller cups and totally worth the price — you’ll wear it for five times longer and feel amazing,” says Masters.

Best wire-free bra

Ruby Ribbon everyday shape demiette
Ruby Ribbon

Ruby Ribbon Demiette 

Ruby Ribbon is a newer brand, but its demiettes and camis are perfect if you need “options that are wire-free, have convertible straps and are made from moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fabric,” says Raymond. Since this bra has no underwire, the under-the-bust band, molded cups and sling construction provide high lift and support.

Best bra for narrower frames

Katherine Hamilton Grace vintage rose full cup bra
Katherine Hamilton

Katherine Hamilton Grace Vintage Rose Full Cup Bra

“KH was developed to provide luxury lingerie that is well-fitting, supportive and simply beautiful for D+ women with narrower frames,” says Masters. They have lots of different styles, materials and colors to pick from.

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