This Dad Forces His Daughter to Chant Every Single Morning, But It’s the Words That Will Really Get Your Attention


How many times a day do you think you say something negative about yourself in your head? For many of us, it’s impossible to count–and that’s exactly what this dedicated dad is trying to prevent with a very unique morning routine.

Although this daddy-daughter ritual looks a little akin to chanting, he’s actually helping instill in her positive affirmations that will boost the little kid’s confidence and improve her relationships with herself and others–ideally, for life!

She starts off giggling at his questions about the day ahead, but Dad turns it around to a call and response that gets the little one pumped up and mentally prepared for school. And it’s not all sunshine and rainbows here; this little girl is getting groomed for the real world. Sure, her dad has her repeat uplifting phrases like “I am smart!” but he has also clearly taught her that life can be tough. Good thing she’s ready!

We completely believe her when she says she’ll “get back up” if she ever falls. Keep up the inspiring work, Dad!

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