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These Popular 1950s Baby Girl Names Should Make a Comeback


I love looking back at all the baby names that have come in and out of popularity over the years. Thanks to the some handy lists compiled by the Social Security Administration (SSA), it’s so easy to find out which ones parents loved the most during each decade. Although the SSA tracks eras dating all the way back to the 1800s, I couldn’t help but feel the my heart warm most while looking at the favorite names folks chose during the ‘50s — especially when I saw all the sweet names for baby girls! 

In fact, I think it just might be time for all of the delightful names listed below to make a comeback. You really can’t go wrong with any of the timeless classics young girls were being given back then. We even took a look at Nameberry to find out the meaning behind each moniker and were blown away by how special each of one is. 

Scroll down to see if you had one of the most popular names from the 1950s. And be sure to share them with any of your friends who also made the list — or any young couples you know looking for the perfect baby name for their upcoming bundle of joy! 

1. Linda

Clocking in as the second-most popular name from the decade, this lovely name has roots in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian words meaning “pretty” and “beautiful.”

2. Patricia 

This name is perfect for any particularly dignified little ladies born with an air of class. Based in Latin, its meaning is “noble.”

3. Susan

As a shorter form of of the name Susannah, this floral name means “lily.” Lily has became a popular name in recent years, and Susan would be a great vintage twist on the trend!

4. Deborah

Girls with this name might expect to have a lot of buzz around them as they grow up — it’s based on the Hebrew word for “bee.”

5. Karen 

We have Denmark to thank for this variation on the name Katherine, which is another wonderful choice that was popular in the 1950s. They both mean “pure.” 

6. Nancy 

You might be surprised to learn this classic name, which means “grace,” is a modification of the much shorter moniker, Ann. 

7. Donna

This name is definitely appropriate for any super-feminine or “girly girls” as it simply means “lady” in Italian.

8. Cynthia

Although this Greek name means “woman form from Kynthos,” it could be a great fit for a girl from any part of the globe.

9. Janet

This name modifies Jane with the addition of one little letter, giving it an extra dash of charm. Both names have the beautifully spiritual meaning of “God’s gracious gift.”

10. Sandra

Greek and Italian cultures combined to make the name Alessandra which later transformed into this quintessentially ‘50s name with a particularly powerful meaning: “defending men [as in all mankind].”

11. Margaret

This sweet name was popularly shortened to Peggy throughout the decade and has the ornate meaning of “pearl.” 

12. Judy

As an adorable nickname for Judith, it outranked its original by a few slots throughout the ’50s. Both also have two meanings taken from the Bible: “He will be praised” and “woman from Judea.”

13. Dorothy

English speakers switched things up from the Greek name Dorothea by tweaking the ending just a bit. Like Janet, it has a flatteringly spiritual meaning: “gift of God.”

14. Helen

Like the legendary beauty Helen of Troy herself, this name comes from Greek and means “bright, shining light” — a wonderful fit for someone who always sees the sunny side of things!

15. Alice

Like Patricia, this timeless name for ladies means “noble” and will give anyone with it a respectful air of dignity. 

Of course, there are so many other incredible baby names that young girls were given during the decade that didn’t quite make it into the top 100 listed. If you didn’t spot your name here, that just means you’re even more unique — or ahead of your time.

This story originally appeared on our sister site, Woman’s World.

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