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I Can’t Stop Recommending This Odor-Neutralizing Litter to My Cat-Owning Friends

I was skeptical at first, but my cat and I are both big fans.


I love my cat more than words and Instagram captions could ever describe, but we’ve also had our fair share of disagreements. Aside from daily debates about how many treats she believes she truly deserves, her litter box used to be a regular source of frustration. 

First, there was the time she decided to simply ignore the box and use my bed as her toilet. I obviously wasn’t a huge fan of that, but thankfully managed to nix the bad habit before it went on for too long (click here for my story if you’re having a similar issue with your kitty). 

However, even after solving that, she still seemed to prefer going number two right outside of the box. No matter how often I scooped the litter and cleaned the mat, it kept happening. I put up with it for way too long because, well, at least it wasn’t where I slept. Every day, I scooped her poo off the litter mat and wondered if this was just her way of letting me know she’ll always be the real boss in our relationship. 

Then I started seeing ads for something called PrettyLitter ($22 per month, PrettyLitter). The product claims its “highly absorbent” crystals soak up urine and odors rather than clumping, making the whole box less smelly. That’s certainly an impressive claim, especially considering one bag is meant to last a whole month. Since I keep my cat’s box in my bedroom, minimizing the stink was what appealed to me first, and I hoped the lack of odor might also help coax her back in for her number twos as well. 

I was a bit hesitant to change her litter and potentially trigger more urinary attacks on my comforter, but previous trial and error led me to realize she is just sensitive when it came to the texture of her litter. Bigger grains were definitely not appreciated by her dainty paws, but these crystals seemed similar enough to the litter I was using. I also liked the sound of having something delivered to my house on a regular basis instead of me lugging a heavy bag home from the grocery store. 

When the first bag arrived I followed the instructions to dump the entire thing into her litter box. It didn’t seem like a lot — or nearly enough for a full month — but I crossed my fingers that it would prove me wrong and get her back to using the box for all her business. I was so happy to see exactly that had happened on the very first day. I felt like a parent who finally potty trained their toddler!

Of course, it could have been a total fluke, so I didn’t count my blessings just yet. But to my continued happy surprise, she has kept using the litter box like she’s supposed to. I haven’t had to scoop outside since switching to PrettyLitter  — and the bag really did last for the entire month. It also kept its promise about the lack of smell, which I think my cat appreciates as much as I do. Their website explains, “PrettyLitter traps odor instantly and then eliminates moisture, so you’ll never smell your cat’s dirty business again.”

The other big selling point for this litter is how it changes color depending on your cat’s health. The colors can indicate unbalanced levels of alkalinity, acidity, and blood in the urine. The bags show a spectrum of what’s normal and what owners should worry about. I was a little worried when the “normal” levels of yellow-ish, green-ish hues in my cat’s box started turning blue at the end of my first month using the litter — which can be a sign of high urinary pH from a urinary tract infection, bladder crystals, or stone formation — but the company assured me, “the blue slush is an indicator that the litter has been through a month’s worth of wear and tear.” 

We’ve been using Pretty Litter for over a year now and I honestly cannot stop recommending it to all of my cat-owning friends. Because the pee gets soaked up, my cat doesn’t have to worry about clumps getting in her paws’ way while searching for a spot to go number two. And again, the diminished smell makes us both happy. It’s been a game changer for me and my sweet girl!

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