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Placing This Sticker on Your Front Door Could Save Your Pet’s Life in an Emergency

If pets are part of your family and you don’t own a pet alert sticker for your home, you should definitely consider buying one. These adhesive alerts are inexpensive, easy to use, and they could potentially save your precious pet’s life in the worst-case scenario.

It’s every pet owner’s nightmare to imagine their house or apartment on fire with their beloved pets still inside. Along with being dangerous, fires can also cause a chaotic scene outside the burning building. This can make it difficult for people to quickly relay the message for rescuers to save their beloved pets. But a pet alert sticker can help do some of the (urgent) talking for you — especially if you aren’t near your home or even if you aren’t yet aware the fire is happening.

The Pet Inside Finder Sticker ($5.99, Amazon) is a popular option for many folks out there. Boasting an easy-to-read layout as well as an adhesive on both the front and back, these stickers come in a pack of four. This allows you to use them on a few different windows or the outside of your doors if necessary. (Of course, you could always buy more than one pack if you don’t think four stickers will be enough for your living space.)

pet emergency sticker

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

Measuring four by five inches, these stickers can attach to pretty much any smooth and clean surface, including glass, wood, dry wall, and aluminum. As you can see above, the stickers also allow you to mark down exactly how many pets you have and what kind of pets they are. This is a huge help to rescue workers, because they often need to move as quickly as possible. It’s also worth mentioning that these stickers are indeed real stickers and not static-cling, which would be much less heat-resistant in the event of a fire.

pet alert sticker

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

It’s no wonder why pet owners keep raving about these pet alert stickers on Amazon.

“I live in an old apartment building that has functional wood-burning fire places,” one customer wrote. “When I lit my first fire this winter, my poor cat ended up hiding in my closet for several hours. This caused me to worry that she wouldn’t try to escape, or that she would be hard to find in the event that the building caught fire or there was some other emergency. So I decided to purchase these stickers to place on my front door so that any first-responders know that my fur-baby needs to be rescued. I was able to easily write on the surface of this product and I included my phone number as well as a note that my cat often hides in the closet.”

Another reviewer wrote, “I’ve been a photojournalist for over 35 years and probably covered a couple of hundred house/apartment disasters… Firefighters and EMS WILL try to save pets in the event of a catastrophe — but they have to know the pet is missing (it will be hiding). You many not be home or capable of telling anyone, so it is a real good idea to post these or similar pet stickers.”

If you want to buy a pet alert sticker but you’re not a fan of this particular design, there are plent of other options available for purchase online, including Pet Alert Safety Fire Rescue Sticker ($6.99, Amazon) and Signs Authority Stylish Pet Rescue Stickers ($7.95, Amazon).

It’s a small price to pay for some peace of mind!

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