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This Pet Camera Is the Ultimate ‘Treat’ for Dog Lovers Everywhere


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They’re the latest and greatest in pet technology, but have you got your hands on a dog camera with treats yet? We all love our pets and, while we’d like to always be by their side, it’s not always an option. However, a dog camera can make the distance a little easier to bear, and a dog camera with a treat dispenser only ups the ante. But which dog camera is the best one out there? It’s none other than the Furbo. 

Best Dog Camera With Treats — The Furbo

While there are many dog cameras that dispense treats on the market, there’s only one Furbo ($194, Amazon). Designed to livestream your dog’s adventures right to your phone, with a tap and swipe of your finger, you can say hello to your beloved pooch (as well as give them a reward for good behavior) from the convenience of your smartphone. 

Furbo Dog Camera With Treats

Where to buy: $194, Amazon

Do you work long hours? Are you constantly traveling? The Furbo is perfect for checking in on your dog. With the Furbo app, you can log in and have some much needed face time with your pet whenever, wherever. Not only is it great for checking in, it also functions as a safety device. Equipped with a bark sensor adjustable to the frequency of your dog’s bark, this camera will send you an automatic alert if your pup’s barking reaches a certain level, notifying you of any possible dangers and acting as a pseudo security camera. 

With all that’s included, it’s easy to see why it has legions of devoted fans — and you just might know some. In fact, the Furbo made it on Ellen as a featured prize during her iconic “12 Days of Giveaways” last Christmas! An easy-to-use device that lets you keep a close eye on your furriest friend and is Ellen DeGeneres-approved? It’s a win-win situation. 

How to Set Up Your Furbo Dog Camera

After you pick up your new favorite pet accessory, you’ll have to set it up. While setting up your Furbo dog camera is fairly straightforward, let’s run through the steps to ensure you’re using your Furbo correctly. Here’s how to set up the Furbo dog camera in five easy steps. 

1. Download the app. Furbo is controlled through a free app, so before anything, you’ll want to make sure you’ve downloaded it on your smartphone. A simple swipe through your app store and you’ll be good to go!

2. Pick the perfect spot for your Furbo. With the Furbo, location is key. You want to make sure you have it in a place with good wifi connection that is still a great spot for your dog to receive his or her treats. 

3. Connect to a power source. After placing the Furbo, plug it into the nearest outlet to ensure it’s functional and ready for play. 

4. Set up the app. Head to the app downloaded in step one and follow the simple instructions to set up your Furbo. This will include a few steps. The most important one is connecting to your home wifi, so make sure you have the password handy. 

5. Fill with treats and test. All that’s left now is to fill the camera with treats, call over your best friend, and watch the Furbo work its magic. 

Best Dog Treats for the Furbo Dog Treat Dispenser With Camera

You’ve got the Furbo, but what about the treats for it? According to Furbo’s site, treats should fit two criteria: They should be between half an inch to an inch in size, and they shouldn’t be too sticky or crumbly. So if you’re looking for the best treats for the Furbo camera, look no further — we’ve got you covered. 

Best Dog Treat for Furbo

1. Zuke’s Mini Naturals — Best Dog Treats for Furbo

Aside from their compatibility with the Furbo, these treats are loved by all kinds of dog lovers. Made without corn, wheat, or soy and with real chicken as the first ingredient, you can feel good about giving your dog these healthy, all-natural treats. 

Where to buy: $11.99, Amazon

Best Furbo Dog Treats for Puppies

2. Wellness Natural Crunchy Puppy Bites — Best Furbo Dog Treats for Puppies

Got a puppy you’re keeping an eye on? Reward him as he learns the ropes with these puppy bites! A good source of DHA, a must-have fatty acid for growing puppies, these treats contain no meat byproducts, corn, wheat, dairy, or any artificial colors and flavors for only the healthiest treats for your playful pup. 

Where to buy: $4.49, Amazon

Best Furbo Dog Treats for Small Dogs

3. Wellness Natural Petite Treats — Best Furbo Dog Treats for Small Dogs

Whether you have a Jack Russell, a Westie, or a dachshund, treat your petite pooch to the finest treats around from the ease of your Furbo. These all-natural, grain-free dog treats are specially made with smaller breeds in mind and formulated to pack a delectable punch. 

Where to buy: $4.89, Amazon

Best Furbo Dog Treats for Big Dogs

4. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dog Treats — Best Furbo Dog Treats for Big Dogs

If your dog is on the bigger size, these are the treats you’re going to want to get for your Furbo. Big enough to satisfy your cuddly canine but small enough to work with this camera, these treats are made with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and have a taste that dogs young and old will love. 

Where to buy: $18.43, Amazon

Best Furbo Dog Treats for Training

5. Pet Botanics Training Treats — Best Furbo Dog Treats for Training

Want to use your camera as a training device? Then pick up these bacon-flavored training treats. Made with healthy omega-3s and real pork liver, these treats are a perfect fit for the Furbo and all your training needs.  

Where to buy: $7.99, Amazon

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