As Daughter Gets Ready for First Day of Middle School, Mom Uses Toothpaste to Teach Lifetime Lesson


As all of us remember, middle school can be a horror. That’s when kids–girls, especially–start jockeying for power and the knives come out. Kids gang up on one another, best friends turn into enemies, and no one feels very secure about their position in the class hierarchy. Add Instagram and Snapchat, and no wonder kids turn mean, online and off.

That may explain why Amy Beth Gardner’s Facebook post from Sunday evening is hitting a nerve. The Tennessee mom of two was getting her eldest daughter ready for the first day of middle school. She’d already bought the supplies, but she wanted to teach her daughter a lesson she’d hoped would stick for life. So Gardner asked her to squirt toothpaste onto a plate–and then put the paste back into the tube.

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Of course her daughter couldn’t. Then Gardner said: “Your words have the power of life or death. As you go into middle school, you are about to see just how much weight your words carry. You are going to have the opportunity to use your words to hurt, demean, and wound others. You are also going to have the opportunity to use your words to heal, encourage, inspire, and love others.”

Her daughter would be faced with the choice every morning, but Gardner wanted her to remember that once the words left her mouth, she couldn’t put them back in again, like the toothpaste. So even though she’d make the wrong choice occasionally, her mom wanted her to act with kindness whenever she could.

It’s a great lesson. Read the post yourself below.

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