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Frustrated Shopper Who Hijacks Walmart Loudspeaker Is All of Us Dealing With Customer Service


We’ve all had those moments when we’ve gotten totally fed up with waiting for customer service in a store. Some of us respond to this annoyance by complaining to management or writing a scathing Yelp review, while others simply storm out of the business, determined to never return again. But one Kentucky man shopping at Walmart decided to respond to this frustrating situation a little differently — and now he’s going viral.

Forrest Hunter got the brilliant idea to use the store’s intercom to get the employees’ attention — and decided to post a video of this tactic on Facebook in late April 2018. The video, which as of this writing has has more than 2 million views and more than 51,000 shares, simply shows Hunter picking up the telephone in the sporting goods section and — quite literally — making his voice heard throughout the entire store.

“Customer needs assistance in sporting goods, please?” he said. “I’m the customer.”

He captioned the footage, “When you get sick of waiting on somebody at Walmart,” and we could not think of a more fitting description. And sure enough, his eyebrow-raising method worked like a charm. Hunter told local television station WKYT that shortly after his announcement, an associate finally came over to give him a hand.

“A guy walked up and asked if I️ needed any help,” Hunter explained. “I️ said, ‘How’d you know?’ Then, I️ bought my hunting license.”

Sadly, that funny follow-up interaction was not captured on camera, but we can imagine how entertaining it’d be to watch in real life — especially the aftermath of it all. We admit, we’ll have to skip talking to the manager and just pick up the intercom if this ever happens to us!

For more laughs, check out the video below for clips of funny and crazy Japanese game shows that’ll make you glad you’re not a contestant:

h/t WKYT

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