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Troll Cakes Are the New ‘Bless Your Heart’


You don’t need to be a Southerner to know that the phrase “bless your heart” is nothing but a sly way to, well, insult someone. But now, thanks to the internet and Kat Thek — a creative writer who likes to bake — there’s a way to put those passive-aggressive commenters in their place once and for all in the same sweet-yet-salty way: by baking what she calls “Troll Cakes.” Troll Cakes are delicious, ready-to-eat cakes covered in frosting and colorful sprinkles and decorated with hateful internet comments (hence the name “Troll”). The kicker? Thek frosts each and every cake she makes with a mean comment found on the internet, and then sends the cake back to the person who made the comment. Talk about having your words come back to bite you!

It all started when Thek noticed a rather remark written on Dolly Parton’s Facebook page. The mean (and poorly written) comment read: “Your momma be so disappointed.” Who could say such a thing — and to Dolly Parton of all people?

“I eventually put the comment on a cake, where it looked even more ridiculous, and thought it would be funny to ship the cake to the person who originally made the comment,” she said. “Jerks who are so intent on putting people down are rarely worth any negative feelings. Taking their comments off of the internet and putting them on cakes helps highlight the bizarre hilarity of internet trolls.”

To help others vent their feelings towards hateful commenters in a positive way, Thek now takes online orders via her Troll Cakes website. Buying options include the traditional “Troll Cake,” where the customer provides the comment and the address of whoever posted it (a home or work address will suffice) for $35 and the “Troll Cake Detective Agency,” where the customer sends the comment and Thek does the investigative work to find out where to ship it for $60.

“My mom baked celebratory cakes when I was growing up, and the bar for what merited a cake was sometimes very low — it was more about the fun of having something to be excited about,” Thek said. “Troll Cakes are definitely inspired by those cakes. I think it adds to the strangeness of an out-of-context troll comment to see it in a bizarrely cheerful setting.”

Here, she poked fun at a mean commenter whose own grammar was what you might call ironic.

If you’re wondering how she finds the addresses for random internet commenters (we definitely were!), it’s apparently a lot easier than you’d think. Thek said sometimes all it takes is a friendly phone call and a little internet snooping.

“A friendly phone call can go a long way, and a lot of it is connecting different accounts online,” she said. “When we can’t find the address, we tell the customer and keep the comment as a ‘cold case’ for if/when we learn a new trick.”

Here’s a cake that was made from a comment left on TV host Steve Harvey’s photo of his wife. Ouch!

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t condone being a jerk to anyone, but some of these commenters definitely had it coming.

Here’s one that gets straight to the point; apparently, this short-and-sweet comment was left on actor Craig Robinson’s photo of a vandalized billboard.

Is there anything funnier than a salty saying on a sweet cake? If you’re interested in sending a Troll Cake to someone, Troll Cakes ship every Monday and Tuesday. And if you live in New York City, you can ask for an in-person delivery.

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