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Mom Accidentally Bakes Elf on the Shelf in the Oven to Her Kid’s Delight


Her Elf on the Shelf plans went up in smoke — literally. A Texas mom jokingly referred to herself as “mom of the year” after a fiery incident involving the infamous Christmas toy and a very hot oven.

As Brittany Mease explained on her Facebook, her kids noticed that their elf hadn’t moved for a few days, so she threw the toy in the oven to buy herself some time.

“I threw it in there really fast, thinking, ‘OK, now it’s at least hidden for a little bit,’” she said in an interview with

But then, Mease totally forgot about the toy — until she had to use the oven a couple days later. Her close friend was in town visiting with her kids and the children all wanted to eat some leftover pasta. So she turned on the oven and before long, an awful smell completely took over the room.

She screamed about the elf in the oven (while using some “colorful” words), and all the kids promptly ran in, shocked at what they saw. It didn’t help that as soon as Mease pulled the elf out using utensils (because her kids reminded her she wasn’t supposed to touch it with her hands), the poor little guy’s head shot right off. As you might expect, chaos ensued.

“The kids just freaked. One screamed, one took off crying, another yelled, ‘Santa’s magic will fix it,’” she said. “And then my daughter was like, ‘I’m glad he’s dead,’ and I thought, OK, this is really awkward.”

Hilariously enough, the 5-year-old was just happy that the elf could no longer tell Santa what she was up to.

As it turned out, Mease did have a spare Elf on the Shelf that her kids could use for the rest of the season. But her son wanted to write a note to him asking him to return to the same spot so he didn’t “die again.”

“Oh my God, that was brilliant,” Mease said of her son’s idea. “I don’t have to move it anymore. He just solved all of my problems and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first.”

She originally posted her story in a Facebook moms group, where it instantly went viral.

“I started reading the comments and was amazed that nobody was being rude,” she said. “I expected people were going to be ugly. But everybody was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to make you mom of the year. I wish I had thrown my elf in the oven,’” she said.

Too funny! You can read her whole story for yourself in her Facebook post below.


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