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Are Meghan and Harry Stealing Kate’s Baby Thunder With Their Ill-Timed Engagement?


Word to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s blushing new bride-to-be: Have you ever heard of this little thing called Girl Code? We hate to be the ones to inform you, but your big engagement news means you’re currently in major violation of the code. And unfortunately, there’s a victim of your thoughtlessness: None other than your future sister-in-law, the beloved Kate Middleton.

You see, Kate Middleton is pregnant — as you’re no doubt aware — and until now, her baby announcement was the most exciting thing the royal family had going on in quite a while. There was the drama of Kate’s severe morning sickness, the long-awaited first photos of the cute baby bump, and the sweet updates from soon-to-be-Dad-of-three Prince William. Royal watchers and regular folk alike loved hearing about how Prince George and Princess Charlotte would handle their newest sibling and enjoyed many a speculative thought about the gender of the baby. But then you two came along and dropped your engagement bomb on the world, and now we don’t know where to focus our attention. Kate’s having a baby, yes — but you’ve completely stolen her thunder.

Kate Middleton Third Pregnancy BumpBack in October, when Kate’s new baby bump was the big news of the moment. ( Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Any woman who’s being candid and honest will admit the truth: Upstaging a close female friend or family member — by, say, announcing your engagement at someone’s wedding, or crashing a friend’s gender reveal party with news that you’re having twins — is a big no-no. It’s not just mildly annoying; it can cause anger or hurt feelings, rightfully so or otherwise.

And that doesn’t even begin to address the logistical nightmare that Meghan and Harry just created for their sis-in-law. Is Kate going to attend their wedding while she’s eight-and-a-half months pregnant, totally exhausted and uncomfortable, and unable to chase after her kids, who will no doubt have featured roles in the big day? (Forget about having any champagne, Kate.) Or will they hold their “spring 2018” wedding after Kate’s reported March or April due date — forcing her to appear in public only weeks after giving birth? Not to mention, she and William will have a brand-new infant on their hands for several weeks this coming spring. Who’s going to babysit? If Kate is breastfeeding, will the baby be obligated to attend the celebration? (Like we said: Forget about that relaxing glass of champagne, Kate).

On the bright side, Kate Middleton may not care at all. Now that’s she’s having her third child, she might be over the hoopla surrounding her pregnancies — and she may actually be grateful for the distraction away from her private life. Oh yes, and she may also be sincerely happy for her dear brother-in-law and the love of his life. After all, Kate’s very nature is generous and selfless, so of course she’s not going to make a big stink about something like this… but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it for her.

The bottom line: Even if Kate’s not too concerned about the enforcement of Girl Code, we stand firm. Meghan, as much as we love you, your engagement is just plain ill-timed. Would it have killed you to plan a late summer or fall wedding? Or are you on a tight schedule because you have baby news of your own to unveil? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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