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Some People Don’t Approve of Kate Middleton’s Third Pregnancy


Ever since we all got the news that Kate Middleton is pregnant again, people around the world have been reacting. While some reactions were, shall we say, rather joyous (Ellen Degeneres, we’re looking right at you), others were… not so much. In fact, some people got downright rude about the whole thing, and it has us jumping to Kate’s defense in a major way.

After all, a third baby for Duchess Catherine and Prince William should be a happy update. They’re in a committed marriage, they seem happy and in love, and they have plenty of royal resources to help them raise a new child successfully. Plus, they’ve already turned out two of the cutest kids the world has ever seen, and we’re sure that upcoming little bro or sis will follow suit. So, why are people acting like they’re bothered by the big baby news?

Well, the internet is the internet, and people with rude opinions will always find a reason to express them. Check out some of the more noticeable negative reactions to Kate’s pregnancy on good ol’ Twitter:

First, there’s this beauty.

Then, this slightly tongue-in-cheek (we guess?) miscalculation.

If outright rudeness isn’t your thing, how about some condescending passivity via emojis?

And finally, this eloquent gem.

Yikes! While we’re certain that most of these posts were intended as jokes, we can’t be the only ones not really laughing. If there’s one group of people in the world that should be exempt from having mean jokes made at their expense, innocent little babies should be it. But the bigger issue is even more fundamental: What business is it of any of ours if a set of parents decides to add to their family’s size?

Let’s not forget that back in July, an environmental group urged Kate Middleton and Prince William not to have more kids in an open, widely publicized letter. The group warned the couple of the environmental impact that may follow should they choose to expand their brood and give George and Charlotte a sibling.

“All of us — especially public figures — should plan our families with the future environment in mind, producing a smaller and more resilient populace capable of thriving in that environment,” the letter stated, going on to remind Kate and Will that they set an example for society with their family planning choices.

Wait just a minute. Kate’s reported due date for the new baby is around March 2018, so she may have already been pregnant at the time the group’s letter made the rounds. Imagine that: Being newly pregnant, probably feeling weepy and hormonal and nervous about the future, and maybe even dealing with severe morning sickness (which Kate is said to suffer from), only to be told your baby will be a major drain on the earth’s resources — oh, and you’re a bad example as a parent to boot? Not kind at all.

We say this: Kate and William, please feel free to have as many kids as you want. We’ll always share in your joyous baby news, and we’ll never crack insensitive jokes. And to those people who can’t think of anything nice to say to or about a pregnant woman at a time like this: Please, just do as your mom probably once told you and don’t say anything at all.

Watch the video below to see Kate Middleton’s most candid comments about motherhood.

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