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How Grace Kelly Kept Her Stunning Figure By Eating “The Right Things”


Long before she became the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly earned the admiration of countless fans from her acting chops and beauty . Grace’s entire essence seemed to always reflect her name, so it’s no wonder we’re still in awe of her after all these years. 

In particular, many of us are curious about how the starlet-turned-royal maintained her enviable figure throughout her life. You might think she relied on quirky diet tricks like Marilyn Monroe’s unique breakfast recipe, or perhaps she was simply blessed with Audrey Hepburn’s ability to eat “a little bit of everything” (including pasta) and miraculously stay in shape. But for Grace, the answer seemed to fit somewhere in-between. 

In a 1982 interview with People, the princess shared her exercise routine of walking “very quickly” for at least an hour almost every day or occasionally going on long hikes with friends. As for what she ate, Grace admitted to having no time for crash diets, because they would make her “nervous and bad-tempered.” She claimed to enjoy food, while also trying to eat “the right things.” This included foods like whole-meal bread and whole rice and avoiding sugar. Grace also confessed, “There are a lot of other things I know I should avoid, but I don’t always do so.” Hey, she was only human.

A writer at Spoon University took an even closer look at what Grace Kelly ate by following her meal plan for a full day. According to her research, whether she was in Hollywood or Monaco, Grace relied on starting her day early with a hearty bowl of oatmeal to keep her full. If she did happen to have any cravings before lunch, she always had healthy snacks like dried fruit, carrot sticks and celery on hand. Grace rarely ate meat or fish and kept herself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating water-rich foods, like apples, throughout the day. When it came to indulging, she was known to break her sugar ban for a cookie now and then. But she mostly relied on green tea with honey if she was craving something sweet after dinner. 

Grace’s eating habits might sound strict written out like this, but they were actually pretty simple when you think about it. She enjoyed a balanced diet of delicious and nutrient-rich meals that kept her energized, whether she was in front of a film camera or at a royal event.

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