Ginnifer Goodwin, Uma Thurman, and Other Celebrities You’ll Almost Never See Smile


Some celebrities, like Uma Thurman, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Diane Kruger are best known for their more somber expressions despite having sparkling personalities and heart-stopping smiles.

But their pouts aren’t permanent like you might expect! We found the pictures to prove it, too. See how these serious stars look when they finally loosen up enough to crack a smile off the silver screen side-by-side with their well-known expressions. The differences in how their faces look when they flash their pearly whites is downright shocking. Make sure to keep an eye out for such stunners as Uma Thurman, whose face shape changes entirely when she grins.

You might not even realize that some of these celebrities are so hesitant to smile! After sorting through pages and pages of pictures, a couple of A-listers we never suspected ended up making the list.

So why is it so rare to see these celebrities’ smiles? Although many of them have yet to comment, those who have been asked seen to have wildly differing reasons. Kanye is on record as having drawn inspiration from old paintings in which the subjects were rarely drawn smiling. Rooney Mara, on the other hand, has told the press that it’s all about authenticity. She won’t flash a smile unless something sparks enough happiness in her to cause a genuine grin–sounds like a logical reason to us!

Watch the short video below to see some of your favorite serious celebrities finally showcase a smile–and notice how in some cases their entire face changes with the rare expression!

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