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Elle Macpherson Reveals the Eating Plan That Keeps Her in Shape With Healthy Hair and Radiant Skin at 56

The eating plan that does it all.

Getting and staying fit after a certain age can be, well, tricky — even for supermodels like Elle Macpherson. It might seem like it just comes natural to her, but the Australian beauty, now 56, recently revealed that after a certain point, she could no longer simply rely on good genes.

In a recent podcast with British supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Macpherson opened up about how her body changed after she turned 40. “It gets to a point where what you’ve done your whole life doesn’t work anymore,” she admitted. “I’d always been interested in wellness, and when I had children, I was watching my body evolve and I wanted to learn more about how to support it through all the different phases of my life.”

Back in 2008 when she was 44, Macpherson’s changing body led her to the doors of Dr. Simone Laubscher, a naturopathic nutritionist with over 20 years experience. This is where she discovered the magic of the alkaline diet. “The incredible Dr. Lauscher introduced me to a plant-based diet and explained the importance of having an alkaline body and dietary approach,” she said.

So what exactly is the alkaline diet? According to Healthline, it’s an eating plan that has you replace acidic foods with alkaline foods to boost your body’s overall alkalinity and therefore, your health.

On the alkaline diet, you cut out (or severely limit) acid-forming foods like red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, certain grains, dairy, and alcohol. “Neutral” foods, which you’re allowed to have in moderation, include natural fats (particularly those high in omega-3 fatty acids), starches, and certain sugars. Alkaline foods are promoted on this diet, and they include plant-based options like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.

“In the beginning, Dr. Laubscher put me on this super greens powder which has about 50 ingredients that amplify and boost each other as a sort of multivitamin and mineral,” Macpherson recalls. Between that and changing up her diet and supplement regimen, she says that within a week, she saw major changes. “I was a completely different woman. I had lost weight, I was vibrant, my hair, skin, and nails were glowing, and I said I couldn’t believe the changes.”

However, Macpherson became tired of taking a bunch of different supplements. “I told her the only thing I wanted was to not be taking all these pills all day. I said to her, ‘Can you put it all together in one thing that I can take first thing in the morning?,'” and thus, her Welleco business and Super Elixir powder were born.

The powder, created by Macpherson and Dr. Laubscher, combines 40 naturally derived ingredients, including whole plant foods, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics — and you can purchase it online ($80, Amazon)!

As for her other favorite wellness tips and tricks, Macpherson shares on the Welleco website that she meditates every day for 15 minutes in the morning, gets active for at least 45 minutes per day, makes sure to prioritize good, quality sleep, stays hydrated, and that she makes it a priority to schedule wellness into her days no matter what. Now that’s advice we can get behind.

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