Can You Spot the Totally Out-of-Place Thing a Football Fan Found in a Stadium?


Unless you have a service animal, when you’re packing for a sporting event, the list of essential isn’t too long. You may love your furry friends, but if there’s one place they shouldn’t be it’s a football stadium. The loud noises, rowdy fans, and throngs of spectators will most likely stress out your cat or dog, but where there’s a will there’s a way, right? Just ask the girl who snuck her dog into the hospital to visit her sick grandmother. This football fan looks like he’s taken a page right out of her playbook!

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If you’ve ever been to an NFL game or stumbled into the living room on a Sunday when your husband has the guys over, you’ll know that football fans are an enthusiastic bunch. When their eyes aren’t glued to the TV screens, they’re most likely heckling the opposing team. So it’s amazing to watch this fan dedicate the entirety of his attention to one sweet little feline.

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Not only does this Green Bay Packers fan stick out like a sore thumb because of his contrasting attire, but the furry friend on his lap is drawing much attention as well—you wouldn’t normally see that in an NFL stadium!

According to the caption on this photo, which was posted to Imgur and shared on Reddit, the Packers lover just stumbled upon the cat within the arena, and security didn’t prevent him from making it his new pet. Okay, so even though this story didn’t go exactly as we had imagined it, it’s nevertheless just as cute.

We’re not sure how the kitty ended up there, but it’s a wonder how it stands all the chaos and cheering that goes on at a game!

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