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Brooke Shields Shares Her Keys to Maintaining Vibrant Energy at 54


Actress, producer, and women’s advocate Brooke Shields, 54, is beloved by millions for her gorgeous smile, giving heart, and iconic roles. But lately, her favorite and most challenging role is being the busy mom of two beautiful daughters. “My day starts with getting my kids where they need to go — then I can focus on my career and to-do’s,” she says. “At night, after the girls go to bed, is the only time of day I don’t have to plan something, so I grab a relaxing drink, put on Netflix, and unwind!”

But there’s one thing that brings Brooke stress relief anytime of day: gratitude. “I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by people I love and to still do the job that I adore — I try to ground myself and find peace in that.” Here, her secrets to bliss!

Jump-starts joy: Owning your own special beauty.

“I think there is an innate problem with saying that we can still be beautiful after a certain age,” Brooke shares. “I’d rather assume we are beautiful regardless of our ages! We’ve worked our behinds off to get to this point in our lives, and personally, it’s taken me a long time to get to where I don’t care about what other people think. But there’s this amazing thing that happens when you’re in your 50s: You get to this place where you’ve done so much in life and you realize it’s time to embrace yourself and what matters, live life to the fullest, and let go of the rest!”

Radiance secret: A refreshing face splash

“I love to rinse my face with cold water,” Brooke says. “It feels so energizing, helps get rid of puffiness and gives me a rosy glow”

Feeds the soul: Trusted loved ones.

“In life, I’ve learned you need to surround yourself with family, friends and people you trust,” Brooke shares. “And don’t forget: You get to decide who those people are! I think we’re often so used to following other people’s patterns that we think what they do is what we’re supposed to do. But I don’t think I would’ve survived this business if I’d always followed other people’s leads. You learn who you can trust and who is going to help you and support you. As women, supporting each other really matters, and I try to teach my daughters to lift others up — as women, and as human beings.”

Rx for pain: Personalized exercise.

“I get a massage by a physical therapist to help relieve pain when I have it,” says Brooke, who’s had knee-replacement surgery. “It’s a painful process, but it gets my muscles into a position to be able to work better for me. I’ve learned that you have to find what physically works for you — whether that’s massage, Pilates, walking, meditating, or other exercises that help reduce pain. For me, just working on being physically stronger helps me thrive mentally and emotionally, soothes my aches and makes everything feel possible.”

Revs confidence: Allowing yourself to be truly you.

“As women, we’re taught to always be selfless,” Brooke states. “That’s just the way we’ve been positioned in society, and there used to be a part of me that never felt like I really got to have a voice. But eventually, there has to come a time when we need to put ourselves first, speak up and do things to care for ourselves. Now that I’m in my 50s, I try to take time to do things that are just for me and that light me up — my newest passion is home decor design! Most important, I try to give myself permission to actually feel whatever I feel and be 100 percent me. It’s so freeing!”

Brooke’s Latest Confidence-Boosting Secret

“I work really hard to stay in shape, but there are still those stubborn areas that, as a mom and 54-year-old woman, I have to contend with,” Brooke sighs. “And I was getting so frustrated because I was exercising and trying to do everything right, but I felt like the odds were always against me!”

But then Brooke discovered WarmSculpting with SculpSure, the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for speeding fat loss in problem areas by permanently destroying stubborn fat cells.

“The treatment wasn’t invasive, and it takes 25 minutes,” explains Brooke, who loved the results so much that she’s now a WarmSculpting spokesperson. “Once I did it, I knew I was going to add it to my health routine. Sure, a lot of our confidence should come from within, but for me, confidence is multifold — it comes from a combination of my body, brain, and emotions together. This is just one piece of the puzzle, but it has made a big difference for me!”

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This article originally appeared in our print magazine.

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