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Soothe Your Holiday Party Hangover Fast With This Scientifically-Backed Cure


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means holiday parties popping up left and right. However, all those toasts to good tidings can quickly turn us into humbugs when we end up nursing aches and pains the next morning. Thankfully, a team of scientists can help us embrace the Christmas spirit with a simple and sure-fire hangover cure. 

Researchers from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, India, recently looked at the best methods to help bodies metabolize alcoholic beverages faster and therefore help us feel better quicker. According to their results, it’s as easy as mixing up a refreshing drink of coconut water, pear, and lime juices. The team explained that two of the enzymes found in those ingredients are exceptionally beneficial when it comes to breaking down alcohol in our system. 

They even detailed how much of each ingredient you should pour into your cup: 65 percent pear juice, 25 percent lime juice, and 10 percent coconut water. It’s a little like shaking up a cocktail, but one that will help you feel better, not worse, after having a few.  

As for food, the researchers recommend eating cheese, tomato, and cucumber, which also boost the good enzymes in our livers that further help breakdown alcohol. Plus, those ingredients just sound like they’d make for a yummy sandwich to munch on while drinking the fruit and coconut water concoction. You can whip both up, store them in your fridge before heading out to your next holiday party, and have the soothing meal waiting for you when you wake up.

Although most of us have reached for coffee to try and recharge after a night out, the study actually advises against it. In fact, they claimed that chugging a cup o’ joe could make your hangover last longer. Researchers also suggest avoiding milk, peanuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, vitamin C, and eggs. Like coffee, these items seem to prolong hangover symptoms by decreasing the amount of enzymes that breakdown alcohol. Anyone else flashing back to greasy hangover meals with fried eggs and five glasses of orange juice? Yeah, we should probably skip those from now on. 

Now we can all embrace holiday festivities without fear of feeling knocked down the next day. We’ll cheers to that!

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