4 Edible Centerpieces to Liven Up Your Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving is a day for friends, family, and food. But mostly food. Lots and lots of food. Between planning the perfect menu, preparing as much of the feast as you possibly can in advance, and finding an outfit that’ll not only endure a day full of cooking, but look good, too, Thanksgiving hosts have their hands full.

So why not hit (err… eat?) two birds with one stone by choosing an edible centerpiece for Thanksgiving that doubles as an appetizer or dessert? It’s brilliant, really, because your guests can snack on and chat around your beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table while you’re tying up loose ends in the kitchen. Win-win!

Sure, floral arrangements are pretty, but they're quite expensive and impractical considering you’re going to look at them for an afternoon or two at most before relegating them to the garbage can. Instead of just being pretty, embrace functionality with table decor that'll be eaten instead of tossed out. Make the most of your Thanksgiving table with edible decorations that are not only waste-free, but beautiful, too!

Picking out the perfect Thanksgiving decor can be a daunting task, but these edible table decorations will make this Thanksgiving one your guests will always remember.