These Easter Egg Hunt Clues Are What Your Easter Celebration's Been Missing

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With Easter right around the corner, there’s a good chance you’re already thinking about how to plan the perfect egg hunt that comes with the most creative Easter egg hunt clues. While party planning and treasure hunts are what some parents live for, there’s a whole lot of others who dread coming up with unique ways to hide and look for an egg. 

The good news: Your kids will love any type of Easter egg hunt you put on. After all, they are kids, and as long as you fill those plastic eggs full of jelly beans, chocolate, and the occasional one dollar bill, the day will be a hit. 

But if you’re looking to step up your Easter egg hunt clues this year, why not try a few of these creative Easter egg hunt ideas, guaranteed to make this a day they will remember. 

How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt With Clues

The Easter outfits are picked out and you almost have the baskets filled and ready to go. All that’s left to do is plan the perfect Easter egg hunt with clues that both adults and kids will love. No pressure, right? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

If you have kids who have food allergies or you don’t want to use candy, follow Zaida Khaze's example. The mother of two kids (one with severe food allergies) has to use her creativity when planning an Easter egg hunt with clues. She fills eggs with riddles and hides them in one room. 

Each egg has a clue to a gift in another room. The gifts can range from flavored chapstick, toys that come in packs of 6, 8 or 19 (Shopkins, Num Noms, and this year L.O.Ls), and other thematic trinkets from Target’s dollar section. 

To make the game fair between siblings, she has equivalent prizes color coded and she tells her girls to only grab one or two of each color. The clues would rhyme or be personal, and she describes the characteristics of an item without saying the name.

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Easter Egg Hunt Clues for Adults

Who said Easter egg hunts with clues are only for kids? If you’ve ever seen the way adults act at an organized Easter egg hunt, then you understand just how much they look forward to diving for eggs. So, if your holiday gathering includes grown-ups, it might be fun to come up with some more challenging clues. 

Here are a few ideas for Easter egg hunt clues for adults:

Ideas for Easter Egg Hunt Clues

You can never run out of ideas for Easter egg hunt clues. But if you’re crunched for time and looking for a few quick and easy Easter egg hunt clues, here are some great ideas for younger kids. You can write these clues on paper or print them out and put them in plastic eggs all around your house:

Here are a few Easter egg hunt clues that rhyme or have a fill-in-the-blank for a riddle.

Jennifer Porter, a children’s apparel and gift retailer and experienced party planner, says she likes to use a kids nursery rhyme or bunny-themed storybook prose for the rolled up clues. Put the Easter egg clues in plastic eggs and put them in order to reveal the clue for the big Easter basket. The final clue should guide hunters to a new location to hunt for the basket. 

Printable Easter Egg Hunt Clues

You don’t want to rely on Post-it notes for all of your Easter egg hunt clues. So, why not put the clues on individual eggs that you can print and cut out?

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Easter Egg Hunt Clues for Outside

If you have a yard with enough space for an Easter egg scavenger hunt and an Easter egg hunt with clues, you can plan two different activities for the kids.

For the Easter egg scavenger hunt with clues, start by coloring and decorating hard-boiled eggs. Next, make a scavenger hunt sheet with images of the eggs and the number of eggs your kids need to find. Hide the eggs around the yard. Finally, give your kids the Easter egg scavenger hunt clue handout and let them go. Alternatively, you can use common Easter basket items to make an Easter egg scavenger hunt with clues. Hide Easter grass, a bunny stuffed animal, colored hard-boiled eggs, jelly beans, a chocolate bunny, etc. The clues can be one to two words with or without a picture on a card stock clue sheet.  

The Easter egg hunt with clues will involve more eggs (plastic type) and more time. Start by creating, printing and Easter egg hunt clues that are appropriate for outside. Next, cut out the clues and put one in each plastic egg. Hide the eggs outside based on the clues in each egg. Finally, send your kids outdoors to look for the eggs. 

Examples of Easter egg hunt clues for outside can range from simple pictures or a few words to complex rhymes and riddles. Simple Easter egg hunt clues include:

It’s easy to make Easter egg hunt clues that rhyme or can be turned into a riddle. Here are a few to get you started.

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Easter Egg Hunt Clues for Toddlers

Toddlers love Easter egg hunts. But if their reading skills are not high enough to understand the longer clues, you can modify them by using single words and pictures. If your Easter egg hunt is outside, you can fill the plastic eggs with Easter egg hunt clues for toddlers, such as:

You can add a description to each picture for kids who are learning to read. If you’re doing an Easter egg hunt for toddlers that ends with their Easter basket, you can use visual clues with numbers to arrange into order and guide them to their Easter baskets. 

Another favorite Easter egg hunt for toddlers is the Egg Scavenger Hunt to Make Words. Start with writing a few words related to Easter on a piece of card stock or construction paper. The words should be big enough for a matching activity. Write the words again on another piece of paper and cut out the letters (you can also use foam letters). Hide one letter in each egg. After your kids have collected all of the eggs, they can match the letters fro the eggs to the letters on the card stock. You can have them glue the letters with a glue stick. Once the word identified, they get a prize. 

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