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Want to Enjoy Wine Without the Hangover? Try This Purifying Wand

Summer means sipping white wine with your pals at a pool party or enjoying a glass of red over a candlelit dinner in the moonlight. Unfortunately for some of us, wine (red, in particular) is notorious for leaving people with throbbing headaches the next day. Nobody likes a hangover — but what if there was a way to remove the wine components that make you feel sick without compromising the alcohol’s taste or quality? 

This might sound like a pipe dream. But a Texas company called PureWine has actually invented a wine filter and purifier that purports to remove up to 95 percent of wine’s sulfite preservatives and histamines. These pesky components are what cause the hangover side effects like headaches, flushed skin, and congestion. All you have to do is stir “The Wand” in your glass of vino for three minutes — and don’t worry about the wand affecting your wine’s taste, because PureWine promises that it won’t!

What exactly does this product do?

PureWine CEO David Meadows explains that his technology was comprehensively tested by a leading third-party wine testing lab in Napa, California. A wide range of red and white wines were evaluated, and you can read about the results on the company’s website

Meadows, who has a PhD in biomedical engineering, believed he had the technical expertise necessary to solve the wine-hangover problem. “About 15 years ago, I had to stop drinking wine and IPA beer due to the side effects I frequently got, even after drinking just one to two glasses,” Meadows told First for Women.

“So, when my son Derek was making craft homebrews during his college days, we decided to start up a company to find a solution to this very common problem. We rented laboratory space at the University of Texas and performed hundreds of experiments to find a technology that removes the histamines and sulfites from all types of wine. The biggest challenge was in finding an approach that’s highly effective at eliminating the side effects, but that does not change the taste or remove the good things out of wine (such as antioxidants).”

What are histamines and sulfites, anyway?

Biogenic amines, more commonly known as “histamines,” are chemicals made by our digestive and immune systems that are also naturally found in many foods and fermented beverages. The histamines in our bodies provide important benefits when it comes to fighting infections and regulating sleep. However, the histamines found in foods and drinks — especially prevalent in anything aged or fermented — can trigger allergy-like responses for some people. Those with a histamine intolerance may frequently experience allergy-like side effects after drinking wine.

Sulfites are preservatives formed naturally during grape fermentation and are also universally added to wine. Sulfites are necessary to the wine production, helping prevent spoilage and oxidation in the bottle and thus extending shelf-life, enhancing the beneficial aging processes. But while sulfite allergies (sensitivities) are less prevalent than histamine allergies, they do still cause many of the same symptoms for some people. 

How do I use this product?

Since no two drinkers have the same sensitivities, different people may have different reactions to the PureWine Wand’s effects, Meadows explains. He recommends that you expose your glass to the Wand for longer periods of time if you have a pronounced sensitivity to this type of alcohol.

The company also recommends that you use The Wand only once per glass, then dispose. You can purchase packs of Wands of varying amounts in a range of colors, plus you can get a range of different charms (hearts, clovers, diamonds) that can be twisted off the Wand handles and attached to the stem of your glass for safe-keeping. As an added bonus, The Wand charm will make your glass more distinctive and easy-to-track at a dinner party.

Wine has myriad health benefits, such as lowering the risk of diabetes and even preventing colds — so try enjoying that glass of Merlot guilt-free with the PureWine Wand, and see if it kicks your hangovers once and for all. (Buy from Amazon, $12.99

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