When You Find Out Who This Young Stud Posing with His Mom Is, You'll Be FLOORED

via Facebook

There are certain celebrities we seem to know all about. Whether it's because we've been watching them on TV for years or they're so personable we feel like they're talking straight to us, some famous folks feel more like friends.

We felt (relatively) close to this particular gentleman until we saw this picture and were thrown for a loop. Now a handsome grandfather, we never would've recognized him in his youth. Can you tell who it is?

It's none other than Dr. Oz!

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We actually see more of him today in his mother, the woman he posed with for this picture, than in that boyishly handsome young man! He shared this photo on his Facebook page on Mother's Day as a tribute to his mom, Suna. Congrats, Suna! You've produced one fine son!

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