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The Victoria’s Secret Diet Includes Carbs and Plenty of Sleep

If you’ve ever tuned into the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (or been to the mall), you’ve seen just how svelte those VS Angels are as they waltz down the catwalk. Of course, that kind of toned physique doesn’t just happen overnight — they train hard to get there. On top of their vigorous daily (sometimes twice daily) workouts, they work with a nutritionist who has revealed what they eat in order to get ready to slip on the iconic angel wings.

Charles Passler, DC, who’s clients include Bella Hadid and Adriana Lima, spoke with INSIDER about his pre-show diet recommendations. The first surprising tip he revealed was a hefty allowance for carbohydrates — but only certain ones. Rather than bread, which can cause blood sugar to spike, the models rely on high-carb vegetables like green beans, eggplants, and zucchini to maintain their energy levels. 

He also recommended the popular diet trend, intermittent fasting. Although that usually means you can eat whatever you want within a certain time window before your fast begins — usually an eight hour period for eating and 16 hours of fasting — Dr. Passler isn’t keen on snacking. He prefers two big, fuel-filled meals in a day as the models gear up for their big show.

Aside from what they eat, Passler stressed the importance of getting enough sleep and hydration. “Without adequate sleep, you’re not recovering from your day and can’t be as aggressive [with workouts] as you want the upcoming day,” he explained. He sticks to the eight hour rule of thumb for optimal sleep hours. As for hydration, he claimed the models chug at least two quarts of H2O each day, and more if their workout was especially intense. They also rely on electrolyte replenishing sports drinks and coconut water. 

It might all sound a little intense, but Passler explained how this is a routine someone can maintain their whole lives rather than trying to find a quick fix or crash diet. And there’s no denying it sure seems to pay off for the Angels — though were sure genes play a factor. 

All that said, there’s no shame in sticking to a much less rigorous diet and workout routine for those of us non-models. Though eating vegetables, drinking water, and sleeping is important for everyone, it’s really all about figuring out what the healthiest option is for yourself. And, definitely something you should discuss with your doctor before making any drastic changes. 

In the meantime, we can all keep our eyes peeled for the next big sale at Victoria’s Secret stores.

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