Now You Can Find Out EXACTLY How Many Calories Love Making Burns Up


You’ve heard that sex is a great form of exercise. And it is! Every part of your body gets a workout–and your mind is flooded with endorphins. And, honestly, it’s much more fun than going for a run or hopping on an exercise bike.

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But how many calories does it burn up exactly? Well, thanks to this nifty online calculator, created by a British online doctor and pharmacy service, now you can find out for sure, no matter which position you favor. But that’s not all this tool can do for you. After you plug in some crucial info–your weight, your partner’s weight, the position, and how long you make love–it’ll give you the calories burned AND the muscle groups you worked out AND the food equivalent burnt off. So maybe your lovemaking is equal to a can of soda, a slice of pizza, or a burger. Then it give suggestions for taking your workout to the next level.

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Try it yourself by going to DrFelix. The default weight is the British stones, but you can change to pounds no problem!

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