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High-Fat Foods That Boost Weight Loss


Think of your body as a car, and the food you put in it the gasoline. We would never say, “All gasoline is bad,” when we’re trying to get our car to run and, well, function. So why do we do it about fat?

We know what all the health guidelines and popular diets said for so long, but we know better know: fat will not make you fat–as long as you choose the right kind. Just like there are different grades of gas for your car, there are different types of fat you can choose for your body. But here’s the thing: We keep treating our bodies like they’re old clunkers, filling them with whatever we can find. But we think you’re a BMW, and you should choose the fuel that will make you run like a well-oiled machine. These high-quality, high-fat foods will do it–while keeping your taste buds happily humming, too.

The right kinds of fat are actually key allies in your battle against the bulge. They have a well-rounded plan of attack that addresses all the sneaky ways we sabotage our own diets: they slash those cravings that send you running to the nearest vending machine; they boost satiety so that you don’t feel that annoying sense of constant hunger that’s so common on other diet plans; they can even prevent belly fat from forming!

So ditch the low-fat lifestyle once and for all. After all, those low-fat yogurts and snack bars simply replace filling and fueling natural fats with extra sugar–a serious slim-down saboteur. Even worse, the extra sugar causes a blood sugar spike…and inevitable crash…that leaves your stomach growling shortly after you’ve already eaten, making it harder to stick to your plan and make healthy food choices.

Gritting your teeth to get through the stomach growls and cravings doesn’t work either, according to science. Starved brain cells actually eat themselves, according to a 2011 study published in the journal Cell Metabolism. This process sends out a signal that actually increases your feelings of hunger to try to convince you to finally give into your feelings and eat. That explains a lot!

Say goodbye to the rumbling stomach for good and set foot on the path to slim-down success with these foods. If you’ve struck them from your menu, it’s time to lift the ban and get back to the nutritional basics: these healthy fats are fuel for you and your weight loss, plain and simple.

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