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How Cindy Crawford Stays In Supermodel Shape at 53

Cindy Crawford has spent most of her life as one of the most well-known supermodels on the planet. Now at 53, she’s still as fit and fabulous as she was in that iconic 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl commercial (something she also proved by remaking it in 2016). So, what’s Crawford’s secret?

Although she’s probably not hitting the gym quite as hard as she did back in her younger days, Crawford does maintain an exercise routine. “My go-to workout would be 20 minutes of cardio, then weights,” she explained to The Cut. That cardio can come in several different forms: trampoline, treadmill, elliptical, or just going for a run. “We have stairs going down to the beach from our house. I put on an audiobook or music while I run the stairs at my house for 20 minutes.” We might not all have a lovely beach view, but zoning out with headphones while we get our blood pumping for 20 minutes is something we can all do.

As for weights, Crawford works with a trainer to tone her muscles. She frequently shares techniques on her Instagram page, like this:

Crawford keeps it simple when it comes to her diet. “I don’t eat crap,” she says. By that she means pre-packaged foods, which can tend to be heavily processed. She broke down an average day for Into the Gloss saying, “I usually have a protein shake for breakfast because it’s fast — I need to get the kids out the door. For lunch I’ll have salad, sometimes with chicken, sometimes without. For dinner we’ll go for sushi, or if we eat at home, I’ll try to make a meal like turkey meatballs with pasta, a salad, and a vegetable.” 

That’s not to say she doesn’t let herself indulge every now and then. “I try to be 80 percent good 80 percent of the time,” Crawford admitted to InStyle. The other 20 percent might include her favorite sweets, savory junk food, or maybe even a nice tall glass of Pepsi — but it’s not something she’ll beat herself up over. That’s a balance we can totally get behind.

It’s safe to say genetics also help Crawford in the beauty department. Both of her children, Kaia, 17, and Presley Gerber, 20, were lucky enough to inherit those good looks and have followed in her modeling footsteps. For us non-models, we can still definitely get results from following her diet and workout methods — they seem totally doable! 

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Woman’s

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